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41 Years

Published on: August 2, 2012 by Blair Haas

This week, we had a milestone in Bud Industries history.  Ravi Jain, our Director of Engineering, retired after 41 years with our company.  I have spent a lot of time thinking about Ravi’s contributions to our company and also about the other implications of this moment.  Ravi was the person who moved us into NEMA enclosures with his work with both Asian and domestic vendors.  He developed products made from die cast aluminum, abs plastic, polycarbonate, steel, and fiberglass.  Due to his efforts, we have products being manufactured in the best facilities in the world proving great products at incredible prices.  His impact is felt in every aspect of our business from IT to sales.

His retirement also gave me the opportunity to reflect on business and loyalty today. Many people suggest that loyalty like Ravi’s is a thing of the past, and perhaps it is.  But what is not a “thing of the past” is the need of both the company and the employee to work in an environment that respects and encourages innovation at all levels.  People like Ravi allow a company to survive and grow in our ever evolving world.  I hope each of you have a Ravi in your professional life and let that person know how much you value their contributions.