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Listening to the Electronic Enclosure Customer

Published on: December 10, 2012 by Blair Haas

It is often difficult for a company to shift course, especially when it is an 85 year old business.  However, here at Bud, a recurrent theme has been the need for speed.  Customers need enclosures fast and not just standard enclosures, but modified electronic enclosures as well.  To meet this demand, we have created a 5 day delivery program on modified enclosures.  To do this, we changed two things.  First, and foremost, we have streamlined our order processing, implementing a rapid engineering process and a cad to CNC download program that significantly improved our speed.  We then increased our inventories on standard products, allowing us to pull the standards from stock, modify them, and get them to the customer in only 5 days.  This is an industry leading delivery time, and has created a huge demand for our services at a time when others are talking about an industry slowdown.  We have over a 98% on time rate on these orders and will continue to improve on that record.  We may be 85, but we are becoming as nimble as a teenager and look for other ways to be even more responsive to our customers needs.