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Training on Enclosures is a good Investment

Published on: April 19, 2013 by Blair Haas

Education is one of those areas that is on everyone’s “to do” list.  We all know we need to keep up in today’s fast moving marketplace yet finding the time to attend classes, even virtually, is a huge challenge.  Even more difficult is finding options that are quick, meaningful, and easy to attend.  Newark Element 14 is hosting a series of Webinar 101 sessions that are run by their top vendors and are meet those needs and if the timing does not work for you, there is an opportunity to listen to the session later although the live question and answer period will not be available.

Of great interest to me is that I will be hosting a session on Electronic Enclosures that is titled “How to avoid the top 10 pitfalls in designing  and specifying an enclosure”.  The session will be held this Tuesday, April 23 at noon central time.  You can sign up below:


It will be a simple, no-nonsense approach to learning what not to do, and by extension, what to do to make sure that the enclosure you select is the best for your application.  All too often, engineers understand the intricacies of the electronics but have not really been trained in the basics of enclosures.  While it may seem very low tech, the products often have a high average selling price and therefore can make a huge impact in the ability to use and sell the final product.   This session will help guide you through the process to be sure that you make the best choices.

Join me on April 23.  I look forward to chatting with you.