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Enclosure Training in the North

Published on: October 11, 2013 by Blair Haas

I recently had the opportunity to go to one of our major distributors, Digi-Key, to train their technical sales team.  It was a fairly intense time with six 30 minute sessions focusing on our products with a special emphasis on our NEMA enclosures and our Five Day Modification Program.   What impressed me was the caliber of the people.  People often joke about Digi-Key’s location in upstate Minnesota where in January you can go for long periods of time with the temperature remaining below zero.  But what they really have is a team of people who understand the company, its mission and its culture.  They are bright, motivated, curious, and eager to learn.  While enclosures are not the most “sexy” components in the industry, they quickly understood how the product related to what they are doing and how it increases the value of the sale.  It was a very energizing experience and one that explains why our industry continues to grow and evolve.