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Electronic Enclosure Reflections from 2013

Published on: December 23, 2013 by Blair Haas

As the year draws to a close, I cannot help but think back on what an eventful year we have had at Bud Industries.  From innovative new products to corporate milestones, 2013 has been a very good year for all of us at Bud.  Perhaps the highlight of 2013 was the introduction of the Board-ganizer.  This creative product solves several issues for the development board user: 

  1. It helps organize the workspace of the designer who is using several development boards such as raspberry pi, arduino, freescale freedom boards, and others or the various accessories that have sprung up for these products.
  2. It allows these boards to be mobile…to allow for the transportation of your boards easily without having to disconnect the cables or other components.

This product has been an overwhelming success with hobbyists, schools, and many companies.  It even led to a very clever film about how to use the Board-ganizer with the boards to create a fish tank controller and camera.  Check it out, it’s very funny.

Also this year, Bud’s 5 day program took off.  This is an innovative program that speeds up the production time of modified standard part production.  Bud now commits that on products where the modifications are holes, slots, or cut-outs, we can produce the modified product in 5 days or less as long as we have the standard part in stock.  Given that all electronic enclosures need to be modified to make the usable, this is a huge advantage in providing that required service on a rapid basis.  In fact, we are so fast that we are often provide the product faster than having it modified in the customer’s own facility and of course, with better accuracy as we are set up to provide this type of service.  It is easy to use, so try it the next time you need modifications.

 Bud celebrated its 85th anniversary in November of this year.  It is hard to imagine that the idea and creative force of an immigrant to the US was able to start a business that is still relevant and thriving today.  The company has had to evolve from making antenna related products to radio components and on into electronic enclosures.  Even within the electronic enclosure field, constant evolution has been required to maintain our position in the industry today.  With a nationwide network of distributers and reps, Bud is the best known electronic enclosure company in the US.  We are proud to carry on the legacy of our founder and meet the needs of today’s markets.

 All of us at Bud wish you the very best holiday season and a healthy and profitable 2014.