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Our Server Racks Provide Extra Features at a Low Price

Published on: January 17, 2014 by Blair Haas

SRP-8131 FRONTYears ago, futurists and experts determined that electronic cabinet racks would gradually cease to exist as the push towards miniaturization continued its relentless pace forward.  Like so many expert opinions, this one has proven to be totally false.  While more and more capacity will fit on a chip, and the population of a board has continued to expand, they overlooked the demand for greater capabilities and speed.  Today, the demand for 19” cabinet racks continues to grow as server farms and others expect high quality mounting capabilities for their ever increasing requirements.

Bud Industries first introduced welded cabinet racks back in 1959 and has led the industry ever since.   With a broad range of products providing variations in features and price points, Bud can meet almost any demand, most from stock.  Recently, Bud has added a line of racks, its Server Professional Series, that not only comes with the features of the best outfitted server racks, but its pricing is significantly lower than almost any on the market.

The service rack features ventilated locking front doors and split ventilated rear doors and two pairs of fully adjustable mounting rails with notches at the “u” increments to make installation a breeze.  It includes some sought after accessories such as a fan box with 4 exhaust fans in the top, four casters and four levelers, ventilated shelves and 6 cable management brackets, all at no extra charge.   Made of 18 ga steel with 14 ga panel mounting rails, the server rack is a heavy duty marvel at a shockingly low price, and all sizes are in stock ready to ship today.

For a combination of value, features, and rapid delivery, Bud’s Server Rack Professional Series can’t be beat.  Contact us or your local Bud distributor today for more information.