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It Takes a Tough Team to Make Great NEMA 4 Enclosures

Published on: February 10, 2014 by Blair Haas

Here at Bud Industries, we are learning a lot about resilience.  On November 8, our Ohio factory was hit by a freak storm/wind gust that not only took off portions of the office room, but also blew out windows, our front door, and our receiving dock door.  Roof leaks were everywhere, carpeting was ruined, and even some walls were soaked.  Fortunately, the factory was relatively unscathed.  While emergency repairs were done, we have learned that you need 6-8 days of temperatures above the low 40’s to be able to effectively install a roof.  Enter Mother Nature again, with one of the coldest winters on record in the Cleveland area.  As we enter month 4 of the wait for warmer temperatures, I have been amazed at how readily the Bud team has adapted to raw floors where the carpeting has been removed, buckets everywhere, dripping ceilings whenever it warms above freezing (fortunately, not very often), and the nightly ritual of covering our desks with plastic.  We have learned to combat the elements and can only look longingly forward to spring and the eventual repairs.

It is ironic, therefore, that our fastest growing product area is NEMA 4 enclosures. Bud now has one of the widest arrays of NEMA 4 boxes available in the industry today. From die cast to fiberglass, from polycarbonate to steel and stainless steel, Bud’s rugged offerings provide complete protection for your electronic equipment at a price that is well below the industry average. Virtually all are UL tested and rated and many now provide IP67 protection, allowing for heavy sprays of water or liquids as well as submersion. Whether your application is on the factory floor or on a rooftop, Bud can provide you with the perfect alternative to the high priced boxes that you may have purchased in the past. In fact, Bud’s stainless steel boxes are priced so low that they compete with others painted boxes, or even those that are non-NEMA. Contact your favorite Bud distributor today for more details or check out our website. Bud has proven that it takes a tough group of employees to make the very best in tough enclosures.