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Discover Bud’s PN Series NEMA Enclosure and Elect it as your Favorite

Published on: April 12, 2015 by Blair Haas

Regardless of your politics, Cleveland, the home of Bud Industries, was proud to host the first Republican debate last week. It was a great chance for the city to show off its resurgence, impress the attendees with our outstanding restaurant and arts scene, and display the natural beauty of the city and its extensive lakefront. It was an exciting tryout for next summer when we host the Republican Convention. For many, it was their first exposure to this area and they discovered that Donald Trump was not the only exciting part about these debates.


To us, there is not debate that many of our customers have discovered that Bud is the resource for their NEMA enclosures. An example is our PN series, long the backbone of our NEMA product offering. These polycarbonate boxes provide the ultimate in protection (NEMA 4x, IP66) that allows for the product to be used in almost any environment and still be able to perform. We have deployed these units in climates as diverse as Alaska and the South Pole to the factory floor here in Cleveland. They are durable, simple to use and provide the type of flexibility that any customer requires. With internal mounting bosses, wall mount capabilities, and optional clear covers, the engineer has a plethora of applications that fit this box.


Most of all, don’t forget to let Bud quote your modifications. With our industry leading 5 day turnaround, no one provides you with exactly what you need like Bud does. Let us add your slots, holes, cut outs, and other mods to speed your assembly process. So, regardless of your politics, we can all agree that the PN series from Bud Industries deserves your vote as the best all-around NEMA enclosure.

IP65 enclosure, PN clear lid - MB