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Bud’s Creative New Din Rail Enclosure Does it All

Published on: May 18, 2015 by Blair Haas

One of the great discoveries for mounting equipment, particularly in factory automation, is the din rail. This simple structure (see photo) allows for the power supplies, mini enclosures, terminal blocks, or their components to simply be snapped into place with no other tools required. This makes installation quick and easy, allowing for rapid adjustments as well. This has caused an entire new segment of the components industry and product offerings to arise which are those with the din rail clips either molded in place or already installed.

DMX Extruded Aluminum DIN Rail Enclosure


One of Bud’s newest products is a din rail enclosure created from an aluminum extruded box. On the DMX series, the din rail clips are molded into the plastic panels that screw into the ends of the extruded aluminum. This box also comes with pre-formed EPDM gaskets that allow the box to meet IP66 requirements, perfect for any industrial automation application.  The unique shape of the extrusion and the built in slots allows for the mounting of two different sized pc boards (sold separately). Also available are IR or clear end panels which can be rapidly installed. These light weight but durable enclosures come in one height and width but in 6 different lengths and in either black or gray. To make the product uniquely your own, custom lengths are available as is Bud’s rapid modification program. Bud can insert holes, slots, or cutouts in your box in just 5-6 days, the fastest in the industry.

Check out the new DMX series today and discover that there is more to Bud than you ever knew.