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Discover how Easy your Enclosure Acquisition is with Bud’s new Cable Glands

Published on: June 3, 2015 by Blair Haas

It is all about easy. Staples, the office supply store, has staked their brand on the concept of making life “easy” for their customers, creating their ubiquitous ads that feature an easy button. For anyone who is interested in their user’s well-being, developing solutions that make the acquisition process quicker and simpler is inevitably going to lead to greater customer satisfaction. At Bud, there are several steps that we have taken recently to let any customer push that “easy” button. With enclosures, that typically means making it simple to use the enclosure right out of the box.

  1. We offer the fastest modification services available. We can modify a standard box in 6 days for the first run, 5 days for the succeeding runs. There is no premium for this fast service and in most cases, we can even provide free design support. Of course, most enclosures cannot be used without some modifications to allow for power ingress, readouts, data connections, and the like. We can provide that service so we can help you eliminate the need to go to multiple sources to make the enclosure useable.
  2. IPG-G GROUPWe have expanded our accessories to include a very broad array of cable glands that are rated at IP 66. Quite simply, there is no point to drill holes in your NEMA enclosure if you do not protect the openings properly. Our broad array of cable glands provide the perfect solution. With multiple sizes and styles that range from the traditional to flexible to even metal, we can save you the time and hassle of research and acquisition by being a single source vendor.

There are many more ways that Bud can make your life easy. Discover the Bud that you did not know by checking out our website at www.budind.com.