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Discover the Breadth of Bud’s line with our Breadboards

Published on: August 26, 2015 by Blair Haas

As many of you may know, I joined this industry with a background in marketing rather than engineering. While I grew up enmeshed in the enclosure field (my Father and Grandfather were industry veterans), my initial tech knowledge was somewhat limited. I have learned a lot, perhaps through osmosis, with great exposure to many of the leading innovators through the years. Therefore, when we were first approached with the idea of adding breadboards to our line, I knew enough to be aware that gluten was not an issue, but honestly, little more, yet I was intrigued. It is an interesting concept for us to broaden our definition of an enclosure accessory and expand our role as a one stop shop for our customers


Today, our breadboards are one of the fastest growing segments of our line. For those who don’t know, a breadboard is a terminal array board that does not require soldering.  That means it is perfect for prototyping projects and circuit designs as they are, in a way, plug and play. Rather than permanently soldering the components into place, they are plugged into the various holes and can be adjusted until the design is finalized. We currently offer two versions with more on the way. Our smaller one has 300 tie points and more than 100 power distribution points. The larger has 600 tie points and more than 150 distribution points. Best of all they are priced incredibly low and in stock at your favorite Bud distributor.  With a large part of our customer base being involved in R & D and product design, it just makes sense to provide this added offering.

For generations, Bud has been the leader in enclosures in North America.  Today, we continue to expand our reach globally and we are adding logical products that relate closely to the enclosure.  Check out our line of Bread boards and watch this space for many new versions by the end of the year.