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Ingenuity, Friendship, and a Bud Plastic Enclosure Save the Day

Published on: October 28, 2015 by Blair Haas

We are always delighted when a customer sends us a photo of one of our enclosures in use.   It fascinates us to see the diversity in applications where electronics needs to be enclosed in industries of which we had no idea needed them.. From farming where enclosures are used in chicken coops to track the productivity and safety of the chickens to health care where motorized wheelchairs have their motor enclosed, the usage is impressive. But every so often, an application comes from an unexpected source and we find an enclosure is being utilized to solve a problem we never thought about.

Poncher project

We have known the Poncher family in the Electronic Component Industry for generations. Chuck Poncher’s father and uncle founded Newark Electronics in the early days of the industry at about the same time my grandfather founded Bud Industries. Chuck has a photo of a Bud truck delivering product to them dating back to the 40’s. After their business was sold, Chuck founded Hawk Electronics in the Chicago suburbs and that distributor still carries Bud products under the leadership of his son Kip. Kip, like me, the father of 4, recognized he had a tech problem in his home. The chargers for their electronic devices kept disappearing. To solve this, he grabbed a trusty Bud enclosure (CU-388-MB, a Bud plastic utilibox) and created a charging station for his home. The multi-purpose plastic enclosure proved perfect for housing allToday, once again, peace reigns within the Poncher household and our multi-generational friendship continues.