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Discover Bud’s Rack Mount Chassis Series

Published on: December 3, 2015 by Blair Haas

One of the challenges of being a broad line manufacturer of enclosures is that customers often think of us only for the products that they have used in the past. For example, if the engineer had a small board that he needed to enclose, he might have bought one of our small plastic enclosures such as the PN series, which would give him not only the ability to mount the board, but also environmental protection as well. However, when that engineer was looking for a rack mounting cabinet, she might not consider Bud, not recognizing that we offer several products in that area as well. Therefore, one of the roles of this blog is to make sure that potential and current customers are aware of the breadth of our capabilities and know when to turn to us.

Speaking of the rack mount chassis product line, Bud has several versions of this product. Our best-selling series is creatively called the Rack Mount Chassis series. It comes with a front panel, rear panel and a pair of perforated sides. It can be ordered with an optional top or bottom panel that can either be solid or ventilated. There is also an optional internal chassis for each size. The standard perforated sides allow for an almost infinite number of mounting options. Made from durable but light weight aluminum, these enclosures are perfect for protecting your components inside a cabinet or rack and also for making their installation much more simple and secure. Bud can also rapidly provide variations on the chassis dimensions. Discover the value of a full line enclosure vendor…discover Bud.