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Resolve to Buy Modified Enclosures from Bud

Published on: February 26, 2016 by Blair Haas

This is the time of year when people look back with embarrassment at their New Year’s Resolutions and realize that with the best of intentions, they are already falling short of their goals. Those who are still working out at the gym notice that it is becoming much less crowded there. For those of us who run in the mornings, there are a lot fewer people out on the streets doing their early morning dash. And somehow, those extra five pounds seem to be increasing as we celebrated such holidays as Super Bowl Sunday. If you are a buyer or engineer, perhaps your resolutions included work related goals as well. One that is on the top of everyone’s list is increasing the value that you bring to your company and smooth the always complex supply chain. While we can’t help you at the gym, we certainly can help you with your enclosure needs.


Not only does Bud offer a wide range of enclosures, allowing you to satisfy your needs from a single source, but we also offer the fastest modification service in the industry. So if you need a NEMA rated plastic box, for example, Bud typically will have it in stock and can add holes and slots for you in 5-6 days. Making it even easier for you, we do this in partnership with our extensive distribution network. So if you are buying the electronic components that you will put into the enclosure from distribution, you can also get your enclosure, modified to you specifications, at a great price incredibly fast. This eliminates your need to find a source for the box, an alternative source for the modifications, and somehow coordinate it all with the component deliveries. We do it all for you. Check out our video on our five day process and then call your favorite distributor for more details.