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An Electronic Enclosure Company Celebrates the Best of America

Published on: July 5, 2016 by Blair Haas

As we celebrate the Fourth of July Holiday week, I am brought back to what this holiday means for Bud Industries.  As a country of immigrants that promises opportunity for all, I think of my Grandfather’s story which reflects the true spirit of America.  Born in Hungary in 1896, his family was fortunate to be allowed to come to the United States when he was about 8 years old.  Raised in Cleveland, he was bright and ambitious.  He had various jobs, including working as a traveling salesman for the company that would be part of RCA, covering multiple states in the days when travel was a challenge.

In 1928, he bought the rights to an antenna that eliminated the need to have a roof top antenna for a home radio and started our company, then known as Bud Radio.

An Antenna Eliminator

Bud Industries First Product

The products then evolved into car antennas, a portion of the business he sold in the early 30’s as he grew the business around ham radio parts such as coils and condensers.  At the same time, he designed and produced metal boxes for all types of equipment from small little snap together boxes,  that became known as min-boxes, to larger 19” racking equipment.  The enclosure business gradually became the largest portion of the our sales, evolving into the best known brand of electronic enclosures in North America.  His hard work was legendary as was his sales expertise.  For nearly a decade, he would leave his home in Cleveland following Thanksgiving dinner and drive to the west coast, visiting customers and distributors along the way,  He would then circle the United States, driving down the west coast and across the south, hitting major cities until he returned home in April in time for his shared birthday with his son, “Bud” Haas for whom the business was named.  No sacrifice was too great as he sought to leave his son, and hopefully in his dreams, the succeeding generations the business to grow through the decades.

As immigration is an important topic, I am grateful that my great grandparents were able to come to the United States at a time when there were no quotas with relatively unlimited access to the country.  His hard work and determination proved it to be an important gain for the country.  With thousands of families supported through their work at Bud over the 88 years of our business, with millions of dollars paid in taxes, it was clearly a great investment for the country as well.  As we celebrate the birthday of our country, let us remember what makes us great which is the unmatched ability to provide acceptance and opportunities for all.  Happy 4th.