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Bud’s Modified and Custom Enclosures Applications Span all Industries

Published on: April 5, 2016 by Blair Haas

Bud Industries focus over the last few years has moved aggressively to providing modified and custom enclosures.  As I have written, Bud now provides and industry leading 5-6 day turnaround on most simple modifications to many of our standard products including the cutting and piercing of holes, slots and other types of openings.  We also perform many more operations including providing custom design services, special sizes, gaskets, colors, and packaging.  We are unique in that we work with our distribution partners, allowing the customer the best of all options, close customer service for their turn-key enclosures.

A PN series modified product

I was recently involved in a program with one of our distributors where I was reviewing some of the modified and custom enclosures that they sold to learn more about the applications.  I was amazed at the diversity of both markets and products that we service.  The first one that I found was actually for a customer in France.  They use one of our PN series NEMA 4x plastic boxes which we have modified with seven different holes of varying sizes.  Their application is a control box that collects the data from all types of energy meters and then analyzes that data for their customers.

Another application, using a different plastic enclosure from that series, is also modified with holes, this time in both the base and the lid.  This customer is in the transportation industry, creating a product that transmits data in rail yards to insure that the tracks are safe.  A totally different product and application is one that uses our NBB series of IP66, NEMA 4x polycarbonate boxes with hinged lids.  This customer specified our box in a controller which operates the overhead doors to allow for perfect temperature and environmental conditions.

Wherever the application, whatever the industry, Bud’s modified and custom enclosures are the quickest and most economical approach to creating a product that meets your needs.  Call your local Bud distributor for more details and to get a quote on your next project.