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Plethora of NEMA Box Options with Bud

Published on: September 2, 2016 by Blair Haas

For many customers, if they are thinking that they need a NEMA Box, or ip rated enclosure, the vendor choice can vary based on the materials.  Some vendors specialize in polycarbonate NEMA, some in steel, others in fiberglass.  This makes researching the best option for an application even more difficult as the engineer goes from site to site, orders sample after sample, and struggles through the hype to reach an answer.  At Bud, we make it easy for you.  As a vendor of all major types of NEMA boxes, we become the one-stop shop for all of the significant product types.



Bud has a complete line of NEMA IP boxes


Bud offers several types of polycarbonate NEMA/IP boxes with most rated as NEMA 4x, IP65 or 66.  These include boxes with or without hinges, with screw or latch covers, and with clear or opaque lids.  Many come with mounting brackets to avoid having to drill holes through the body for mounting that can compromise the seals. 


Sometimes, a customer needs extra strength and durability, so we offer three styles of polycarbonate boxes with 10% fiberglass.  This is the perfect balance of impact strength and mold consistency.  For those who want a larger fiberglass content, we have two series that meet those needs.


We also offer a range of die cast aluminum boxes, most with screw on covers.  They also have optional mounting brackets and mounting plates as well to make equipment installation easier.  We even have a series with hinged lids!  These boxes are all NEMA 4 or 4x, but many now meet IP68 standards, provding exceptional protection.  Bud has recently added the EXN series of extruded aluminum boxes that not only meet IP66, but also have grooves for quickly mounting the optional pc boards.  It is an exciting variation on the NEMA Box


Finally, we offer several steel and stainless steel NEMA boxes that provide extraordinary strength for those heavy impact situations.  With screw or latch closure, your preferences can be readily met. 


For all your NEMA/IP needs, and to answer all of your related questions, Bud Industries and its vast distribution network are the solution that you are seeking.