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Trends in Electronic Enclosures at Electronica

Published on: November 10, 2016 by Blair Haas


Bud has a complete line of NEMA IP electronic enclosures

Once again, I attended the Electronica Show in Munich, checking out what is new in Electronic Enclosures.  My company, Bud Industries, is in the early stages of its international expansion, and Electronica presents a unique opportunity to learn about the differences in the EMEA market versus the North American.  While one would think that an enclosure is an enclosure and providing the best protection of electronic equipment would be consistent, that is not always true. 

As we roamed the aisles, we saw many different shapes than is typical in the US.  Round enclosures have gained popularity, perhaps in an homage to the smart watch.  While this is an intriguing idea, given the limited success of the smart watch as a must have device, I am not sure how many people need a controller that they strap on their wrist.  Time will tell if this is a fad development or something much more durable.

 We saw several attempts to enclose development boards with slots or cutouts for the various inputs or outputs.  We have recognized there is a need for such enclosures and were actually one of the first to develop raspberry pi electronic enclosures, but the continuing evolution of the boards and their capabilities makes this a daunting task.  This might best be an application for either 3d printing or some other approach that allows for a relatively quick product development which could have a fast obsolescence.

 Last, but not least, we saw an increase in companies who offer modification services.  Candidly, none makes a modified enclosure as rapidly as Bud Industries does.  We continue to lead the industry with our five day modification program. 

Overall, it was an exciting time to see what is new, catch up with old and new friends, and learn about industry trends.  We look forward to coming back in two years.