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NEMA Glands Complete Bud’s Enclosure Accessories Offerings

Published on: January 30, 2017 by Blair Haas

While most immediately think of Bud Industries when they have an enclosure need, people often don’t think of Bud for the final touches such as NEMA Glands.  So what is a NEMA cable gland?  Put simply, when a hole is drilled in a box for cable access, the assembler needs a way to protect the interior and integrity of the box while still installing the cabling.  The cable gland is that device

Bud has a complete offering of Cable Glands

Cable Glands come in all sizes to meet customer specific needs

which mounts through the hole with a nut on one end and a lid on the other to perfectly fit the cable and provide that seal. They are quick and easy to install and also can provide strain relief for the cable or tubing that provide either power or other access. 

One of the fastest growing parts of Bud’s business is our modification services, which provides a ready-to-use enclosure with mounting holes in as little as 5 days.  Along with that, our fastest growing accessories are the glands as customers seek a product that perfectly matches their Bud enclosure and can help them create a turn-key unit.   Bud has a broad array of glands ranging in size from PG7 to PG63, both in pvc and in metal, and also designed for extra thick walled cabinets or even flexible ones that are bend-proof.  The metal glands are made of brass coated in nickel and range in size from PG7 to PG48.  As Bud glands meet standard sizes, it is easy to complete your project from one source providing consistency in delivery and speeding your assembly.  Priced very economically, these glands are the perfect accompaniment for your Bud enclosure.  For more information, be sure to hit the search button on Bud’s website to see their complete offering of NEMA and IP rated Glands.