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Generations of Electronic Enclosures

Published on: March 29, 2017 by Blair Haas

In this blog, I often try to relate the idea of learning more about Bud Industries and electronic enclosures to key events in my life.  Alas, my mother passed away about 10 days ago after a long illness and it raised a lot of thoughts about the generations, especially as it relates to a family business.  She was the last of her generation in our family so her passing really reflects the end of an era…that of the second generation of Bud Industries management.  While she was not directly employed in the business, she did serve on the board for over 50 years and reflecting her times, played a significant role as the spouse of the company president.  She attended industry and customer functions, hosted customers, and associates at dinners and in her home, and supported my father’s efforts to grow our business by building industry relationships into personal relationships.  And, of course, she raised the next generation of Bud management.


Bud has a complete line of NEMA IP electronic enclosures


It seems reflective of the evolution that our company has taken since my father took over the business in 1957, when tubes ruled our industry and our products reflected that application.  He lead us through the dawn of the transistor and semiconductor eras as our enclosures evolved to adapt to more components in a smaller space at the same time we were more involved with large welded racks.  As my generation took over in the 90’s, we continued to evolve into plastics and enclosures with NEMA and IP ratings.  The next shift took place over the last 10 years with a strengthening of our custom and modified business with our industry leading 5 day production process.  I guess a family business is like a family itself as we all build on those who came before us, moving continually forward.  I think the prior generations would be thrilled by the thriving Bud Industries and our electronic enclosure business today.