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Celebrating Employee Dedication to Creating Electronic Enclosures at Bud Industries

Published on: May 24, 2017 by Blair Haas

While tens of thousands of customers enjoy our electronic enclosures each year, it is likely that they never think about the people who create those products that they use  This week, and for that matter, this year, is an exciting one here at Bud for our team.  One of the ways we honor their legacy is with a plaque in our lobby that recognizes employees that have worked with us for 25 years.  This week, we add three names to the list, with one more next week.  In 2017 alone, we add 7 to the list.  It is even more exciting to take a closer look at those 7 and note that three of them worked here with at least one parent, two of these parents are also on the board.  Another works with his wife who has been with us for 31 years.  Still another joining the club is the “newbie” in our customer service department which has an average tenure of just about 30 years.  This week’s additions bring us past the 100 mark of employees who have achieved this distinction.

We are proud of our quarter century club of Electronic Enclosure providers

Celebrating individuals with a quarter of a century of providing the best electronic enclosures

We are proud of the fact that our team also consists of one person who is celebrating 45 years of service next month (me, although a bit fudged as that count starts when I worked summers in high school, college and grad school), 6 others who have more than 40 years, and 12 with more than 30 years of experience.  That so many would devote their entire career to our company suggests a family connection that is rare in industry today.

In looking at the plaque, the number one employee was, of course, my grandfather who started the firm in 1928.  Slightly lower on the list is my father, who started in 1939 (but who, like all employees, had his time in the Navy in World War II count towards his employment tenure) and also two of my brothers.  I think my grandfather would have been touched to know how many thousands of lives his entrepreneurial spirit has impacted by providing them with a livelihood that allowed them to marry, raise a family, work proudly, and even retire well. We are also proud that the 4th generation now is nearly half way to being added to the list.  We always hear how this is a different world, but business values still can and do survive and thrive and while we are not perfect, the plaque speaks for itself on how our electronic enclosures firm creates value for all.