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Style and Substance, the perfect Extruded Electronic Enclosure

Published on: May 10, 2017 by Blair Haas

An extruded electronic enclosure is often a very simple low cost approach to housing components, sometimes even within a larger piece of equipment.  Quite often they are very basic looking with limited physical appeal as they tend to be more utilitarian in application.  Therefore, when one finds a product like the Bud EXN series, it can be cause for a celebration.  These are not utilitarian boxes but rather are a high style approach that makes for an attractive finished product, boosting the sales of the end product.

A value priced extruded aluminum enclosure with great looks as well

These boxes have it all.  They are available in 17 different sizes and each size is available in five colors with two different types of end caps (plastic and die cast), creating 170 different combinations.  The colors include black, silver, red, blue, and gold, allowing for a completely custom look the finished good. They are also rated IP 65 meaning that they can be used in a harsh environment or can protect components within a larger structure.  They are designed with easy to use slots for installing a board.  In addition, the grooves in the exterior enhance heat dissipation improving the overall function of this versatile enclosure.  They feature a recess on the top which is perfect for labels or other types of markings.  Optional accessories include mounting brackets and even specifically sized pcbs that will work with the each size enclosure.  Applications range from control automation to lighting, from wireless to labs and even to the consumer market.  All boxes are available today from your favorite Bud distributor.  Don’t hesitate to check out Bud’s website www.budind.com for further details, drawings as well as pricing and delivery information.