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The Freedom of Bud Industries Modified Electronic Enclosures

Published on: July 5, 2017 by Blair Haas

While it may be a stretch to say that thinking about July 4th and our freedom reminds me of modified electronic enclosures, there can be a correlation.   While not diminishing the great benefits that we, as Americans, enjoy, nor the sacrifices that brought us those freedoms, it is also freeing for a buyer or engineer to be a part of Bud’s incredible program. While not saving lives, we do help save both time and efforts in speeding your product to the customer.

NEMA/IP rated modified electronic enclosures are standard at Bud

The process is really quite simple. A  Traditionally, one buys the standard enclosure from stock from a distributor, receives it and then sends it to either a cm or job shop to have the holes and slots cut out, and then gets it back for final assembly.  With all of that reshipping and re-handling, the risk of error and damage is great.  With our industry leading 5 day modification program, we speed your process and increase the quality. Bud knows how to make those cuts and knows, for example, that if coolant is used on plastic parts, they may degrade the plastic.  We know that different tools are required for plastic and metal in many cases.  Further, if they damage a unit or two in the process, you have to buy the replacements whereas we are liable for all of our internal work, reducing your risk.

All that is needed is a drawing or sketch of the modifications you desire and then send it in for a quote request  When you are ready to place your order for your modified electronic enclosures, we can even provide a drawing for your approval, insuring perfect results.   Once we receive that approval, the product will ship in only 5 days, probably faster than your outside source.  Contact your local distributor for complete details and to gain your freedom from tedious supply chain challenges.