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90 Years of Bud Industries Enclosures

Published on: January 5, 2018 by Blair Haas

2018 represents a major milestone in the history of electronic enclosures, the 90th Anniversary of Bud Industries.  I have often written about our history in this blog so I won’t repeat it, but I do think there are several key points worth highlighting.  First, Bud’s current president, Josiah Haas, is the 4th generation of Haas’s to lead the company.  I recently read a study that showed that only 3% of companies survive to be led by the fourth generation, making this a feat that is almost as astounding as surviving for 90 years.

Second, we have dramatically evolved to meet market demands through the decades.  We used to say that one of the advantages of selling an enclosure is that no matter how components evolved, they would still need a box of a specific size to enclose it.  In reality, that is no longer true.  To be successful today requires the addition of services, such as rapid modifications (like our 5 day program), and logistics support.  Also, the rise of product protection and capabilities as well as adaptability becomes paramount.


An Antenna Eliminator

Bud Industries First Product

Finally, one thing that has not changed through the generations is our passion for our customer and meeting their needs.  From evolving products to in-demand features to new services, our mission continues to grow into the best potential partner for our customers.  Hopefully that will guide us for generations to come.