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A Special Gift Marking Bud Industries 90th Year Providing Electronic Enclosures

Published on: March 5, 2018 by Blair Haas

As I noted in an earlier blog, 2018 marks Bud Industries 90th year as a manufacturer of electronic enclosures. As we have evolved through the years, we have been blessed to build on our business relationships and turn them into personal friendships as well. During a recent visit to Little Rock, Josiah Haas, our president, mentioned the anniversary and also our long standing relationship with the Carlton-Bates company. Bud was probably one of Carlton-Bates earliest suppliers as Bud Haas, son of our founder and Joe Carlton, the CBC founder were industry associates and friends 60 years ago.

Carlton-Bates and Bud together create the best method of providing electronic enclosures

Celebrating 90 years of providing electronic enclosures to the industry

Imagine our delight and surprise to receive our first anniversary gift from this wonderful company. Building on the 90 year old theme, it provided us such useful items as polident and poligrip, muscle rub and, of course, anti-aging cream. We also received some creative promotional items that remind us always to consider their company.

This fun gift pack is a part of what makes being in this industry such a special experience and also reminds us that whatever we do, it is the people to people relationships that make it all worthwhile. Thank you to our friends at Carlton-Bates and we look forward to many more years working together assisting the industry with the finest electronic enclosures.