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Bud Introduces New Plastic IP66/IP67 Rated Terminal Electronic Enclosures

Published on: March 20, 2018 by Blair Haas

New products are always the life blood of a company’s sales efforts. Sometimes they involve extensions of already successful products and sometimes they are totally new. Bud is very excited to delve into a new area in the electronic enclosures market place – the PTT terminal boxes. Actually, this product area represents the marriage of a very successful product, the IP rated plastic box and terminal blocks (a newer area for us). Made from UL94HB ABS plastic, these boxes are rated IP66/IP67 providing great protection. They also include mounted terminal blocks which is a first for Bud. Available in 8 sizes ranging from 2.9 x 2.5. x 1.7 to 9 x 4 x 2.75 inches, the number of blocks included ranges from 4 to 20. All sizes come with the choice of either an opaque or clear lids.

Terminal Box Electronic Enclosures in stock today

Bud is excited to introduce these IP66/67 rated terminal box electronic enclosures

The terminal blocks are also made of ABS plastic. Their rated insulation voltage is 400 v and their rated impulse voltage is 4 KV. Their rated current capacity is 0,75 mm sq – 1.5 mm sq. There is also a choice of side or center mounting in the highly protective enclosure. These boxes also qualify under Bud’s industry leading 5-6 day modification program. This allows you to receive a box with whatever holes and cutouts you need in the time it takes many local shops to begin the process of creating your turn-key enclosure. Optional accessories include stainless steel or plastic external mounting brackets (NBX-10922 and PIP-117-MB respectively) and either the NG or IPG series of Bud cable glands. This series is coming into stock this week and should be available at your favorite Bud Distributor quickly.