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Forty-one Years of Attending the Electronic Distribution Show

Published on: May 22, 2018 by Blair Haas

Bud Industries has been a part of the Electronic Distribution Show and its predecessors since its inception in the late 1930’s as we promote our electronic enclosures to our distribution partners.  This year marked the 41st consecutive EDS that I have attended.  When I first went, in 1978, it was called the NEWCOMM show, an acronym that I candidly don’t remember what it stood for.  In my early days, the major focus of the show was to introduce new products and convince the distributors to put them into stock.  Much of the action was on a show floor, typically at the Las Vegas Convention Center which was next to the host hotel of the Las Vegas Hilton.  We would have a large booth and the distributors would come by and chat about business with us and we would convince them that the new products would change their business and assist them in major growth.  Out would come the order pads, we would promote our show discount, and after the show we would take home our pad of orders and based on the totals booked, consider the show a success.

Knockouts make it easy to install your equipment

Bud’s PTK series is the perfect combination of protection and flexibility

Fast forward to today.  There are no displays, only by appointment meetings set up with our distribution partners and reps to review business strategies and mutual marketing opportunities, typically held in a suite or meeting room.  New products are still discussed but with more focus on new markets being penetrated and their strategic importance to the industry trends.  It also has become a time for a “pulse beat” of the industry, a chance to hear from all types of industry players what they are seeing in the market, how business is overall, and also to catch up with long-time friends.  Between the business and social moments, we all come back better prepared to head into the latter part of the year with a fresh perspective and the necessary information to achieve even stronger growth.

At Bud, as those of you who have read my past few blogs will know, we introduced a broad array of new products from polycarbonate/fiberglass enclosures of all sizes and configurations to products to help enclose the latest development boards.  We were able to answer questions and further discuss the great features that they represent.  Keep an eye on this space for more exciting products.

After leaving the show this year and reflecting back on 41 such shows, we continue to find great value in being a part of this industry legend.  While sometimes grueling to attend, it is still a vital part of our year and I hope to attend many more in the years to come.