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Special Gifts for a Special Anniversary for an Electronic Enclosure Leader

Published on: June 12, 2018 by Blair Haas

Much has changed in the electronic enclosure industry since Bud Industries was founded 90 years ago in 1928. At that time, in fact, we did not even manufacture enclosures, but our first product related to radio antennae. As our company has evolved, there is one thing that has never changed which is how Bud values the relationships that we develop with our various business partners. This was demonstrated recently at the Electronic Distribution Show in Las Vegas when two of our long term partners presented us with gifts in honor of our 90th Anniversary.

Digi-Key's 90th anniversary gift for Bud Industries

A beautiful clock presented by Digi-Key for Bud Industries 90th Anniversary

Neark's gift to Bud for our 90th anniversary

Newark Electronics created this special signed and framed card in honor of Bud’s 90th Anniversary

First was Newark Electronics. We have partnered with Newark since shortly after their establishment in the 1930’s. My grandfather, our company founder Max Haas, became friends with Sam and Abe Poncher who founded Newark.. That relationship continued with each companies’ succeeding generations and through the various owners and management teams of Newark. Through the decades, we have mirrored each other’s business objectives and thrived in our mutual growth. Therefore, we were touched to receive a specially designed framed card which was signed by the members of the management team at Newark who work with us. It provided a personal way to note not only our relationship but also our long standing commitment to each other.

Digi-Key also recognized our special moment. While our relationship with Digi-Key “only” stretches back about two decades, it is no less strong or meaningful. We have meshed beautifully with this Northern Minnesota company both in style and in growth plans. They have done a strong job of pursuing opportunities as we have mutually expanded our efforts into the mid-range production customers, racking up many successes due to the solid focus we provide to each other. They decided to mark the passage of time with a beautiful clock with a commemorative plaque.

Both of these special gifts hang with pride in our lobby, reminding all who visit that the best in business requires the development of strong relationships, hard work, and genuine mutual respect