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Bud’s Wall Mount server cabinet is an Emperor in style and price

Published on: October 1, 2018 by Blair Haas

Bud’s Emperor Series wall mount cabinet is a great solution for 19″ rack mount equipment when floor space is at a premium. It is also a perfect answer to ergonomic issues where a smaller server is needed but can now be used at eye level for simple monitoring or adjustment. The Emperor series is made of 20 ga. Steel except for its two pairs of adjustable mounting rails which are 18 ga. It also has fixed mounting rails in the back section that is typically affixed to the wall. With its tempered glass front door and easily removable sides, product access and monitoring is a breeze. Speaking of which, the cabinet includes two fans already installed in the top of the center section and it also comes with a ventilated shelf to allow for the simple mounting of the components. There is also ventilation in both the top and bottom of the cabinet allowing for chimney style cooling.

With many accessories included for free, the Emperor is a specifier's dream

Bud’s Emperor Wall Mount cabinet series is the perfect solution to your compact 19″ rack mount needs

Available in 3 heights (12, 19 and 27 u) and 2 depths (15.75″ and 21.65″), there is a size available for any product that you need to install. The three section format (rear for wall mounting and also slim equipment or equipment panel mounting, Center for server or other 19″ equipment up to 18″ depth, and the front which houses the tempered glass door) allows for simple swing-out access to all components as well as fast mounting. The cabinet comes standard in a black texture finish that enhances any installation and is easy to clean. Priced well below competition, all sizes are in stock and ready to ship from your favorite Bud Distributor.