Bud Plastic Enclosures, We are More than Just the Metal Guys

Bud Industries was founded with a focus on metal enclosures and rack, so people often forget that we have a broad line of plastic enclosures today as well.  To do so is to risk overlooking one of the broadest lines of plastic enclosures in the industry.  The focus of this and upcoming blogs will be on the non-hazardous environment products, just the traditional products that are typical of many of today’s indoor applications.  It would probably surprise most readers to learn that Bud provides nearly 60 different products families in small plastic enclosures.  They range from plastic rack mount chassis to small potting boxes.  In today’s blog, I am going to focus on the key-fob enclosures. 

Key-Fob enclosures are in stock today at Bud stocking distributors
Bud’s Key-Fob Plastic Enclosures come in 2 and 4 button versions

We offer two series of key fob type plastic enclosures.  The first, Hand Held Grabbers style F, and the more traditional rectangular shaped enclosures with either 2 or 4 buttons.  Made from ABS plastic that is UL 94-HBrated, the buttons are gray silicon rubber. The second series is more ergonomically designed.  The smaller sizes have rounded edges and come in 1 to 4 button configurations.  There is a fifth size, with 5 buttons that has a curved handle and it is a bit more substantial and so easier to hold.  This series is also made from ABS UL 94-VO plastic with the same gray silicon rubber material for the buttons.  All are easy to pop open for installation of your pc board and we provide drawings for both board and button circuit layouts.  Step file drawings are available for all parts.  Bud can also provide different button configurations upon request.

Available in 1-5 button, these key fob enclosures can meet any application
Ergonomic Key-Fob Plastic Enclosures are available in 1-5 buttons

All of the key fob enclosures are in stock at Bud distribution and are easy to locate by using our check stock and price web feature.  Check out upcoming blogs for information on many more of Bud’s plastic enclosures.


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