New Bud Electronic Enclosures to be introduced at the Electronic Distributions Show (EDS Leadership Summit)

Published on: May 6, 2019 by Blair Haas

Bud has participated in the Electronic Distribution Show (EDS) since its founding in the 1930’s as the May Parts Show in Chicago, sharing information about our latest enclosures even then.  Today, the show has evolved into the electronic components annual conference that brings together all of the major Distributors, Manufacturers and Sales Representatives in Las Vegas for a both individual and group events and meetings.

NEMA/IP rated modified electronic enclosures are standard at Bud

This is my 42nd consecutive year attending this event and I have, of course, seen many changes.  Today, we meet in individual conference or suite areas to have confidential discussions with our partners about new products, business opportunities, marketing plans and key metrics.  It is also a great opportunity to gain the “pulse” of the industry.  Today, when so many are grappling with the Chinese tariffs, supply chain challenges, rapid innovation, and new markets, we begin to gain a consensus on the trends and potential solutions.  Despite our connected lives, there is still a significant value in getting together face-to-face to move our marketing and sales efforts forward.

This year Bud is introducing a significant slate of new products ranging from NEMA/IP rated Polycarbonate/Fiberglass enclosures to much sought after accessories such as IP67 Air Vents for our electronic enclosures.  We also are sharing our story of how our modification work continues to drive our growth and build tight relationships with our distributors and their customers.  While it’s an exhausting several days, often going from early morning through late night, we always come away with a better sense of the industry and our opportunities for the rest of the year.  Follow these blogs for more detailed new product information in the coming weeks.