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Bud Industries 4th of July Musings

Published on: July 3, 2019 by Blair Haas

As I write this and we prepare for the 4th of July holiday, I am once again struck by the American Dream and how our Electronic Enclosure Company’s story could have only happened in the United States.  As I have mentioned before, Bud Industries was founded as Bud Radio by my grandfather, Max Haas, in 1928.  An immigrant from what is now the Czech Republic around 1900, he had a self-taught engineering and marketing mind and was fascinated by what we would now call technology and the opportunities it would present.  What started as an antenna company (the first to offer a product that eliminated the need for a roof top radio antenna), evolved into car antennas, and then into other radio parts (he sold off the antenna business), and finally into enclosures.  He and my grandmother worked hard to take the ideas he uncovered and turn them into a solid enduring business.

Bud has a complete line of NEMA IP electronic enclosures 

I think about how few countries, at that time, would allow a refugee family to be welcomed into their land, provide free education for their children, and encourage them to be whatever they wanted with relatively limited restrictions.  While America of that era was not perfect, it offered many the chance to create the best life they could for themselves and their families and to hopefully allow their children to have better lives than theirs.

Today, as we begin the celebration of our country’s 243rd birthday, and Bud Industry’s 91st, we cannot help but be grateful for not only the freedoms we enjoy but also the vision that could only be nurtured here that allows us to continue to provide the best enclosures to our ever changing industry and to have shared this with the thousands of employees who followed his dreams and those of the succeeding 3 generations.  Enjoy your 4th!