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Die Cast Boxes, the Ugly Enclosure with Great Appeal

Published on: August 28, 2019 by Blair Haas

In the electronic enclosure world, we often say that our job is to make your projects look good.  We enclose all of your components, protect them from damage, and provide the shell that allows many products to be marketable.  We offer a variety of high style enclosures and boxes from small hand held clear usb drive enclosures to sleek server racks.  Alas, beauty is not the case with our traditional aluminum die cast enclosures (our CU die cast series) but they make up for it with solid protection and an incredible low price.

Bud’s Die cast aluminum box may not be our best looking, but its great protection and low price are unbeatable 

Made from ADC-12 Aluminum alloy, they come with close fitting flanged covers that easily attach to the base with internal bosses maintaining the integrity of the box.  There are 15 sizes to choose from and many sizes have molded in pc mounting guides.  There are three styles of boxes available.  In addition to the original series, the CU-4xxx series has welded on external base plates to assist in wall or equipment mounting.  The CU-5xxx series comes with mounting flanges molded into the cover to provide not only easy mounting but increased security as the box needs to be unmounted to gain access to the internal equipment.

Typical applications for these products range from instrument or metering cases, filter networks, junction boxes, to switching equipment.  It is also perfect for internal use within a larger sized project.  All of the products in this series qualify for Bud’s industry leading 5 day modification program.  For more information, be sure to contact us at 440-946-3200 or your favorite Bud Distributor.  Stock and Price are just a click away when you visit our website at www.budind.com.