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Electronic Enclosures FAQ Development

Published on: March 26, 2020 by Blair Haas

Although it seems like a basic idea, we realize that we do not have a Frequently Asked Questions page dealing with our electronic enclosures on our website.  The interesting part has been collecting the questions from our sales team who, of course, are on the front line.  I think the biggest challenge for our team is recognizing that what seems basic for us is not part of most customers’ day-to-day exposure or knowledge.  On the flip side, as we develop questions, we don’t want them to be so basic that we don’t reach out to those who have some more challenging yet regularly repeated requests.  Also, we have to keep a balance between technology-based versus Bud process based issues.

NEMA/IP rated modified electronic enclosures are standard at Bud

I thought it might be fun to share a few that we have developed and reach out to you, my blog readers, to let us know if you have any that you think we should include.  Again, we just started this in the last week or so, leaving us much more work to do.

1. What is 1U?

    • 1U is 1.75 inches and is the measurement of vertical space in a rack that is available for mounting equipment.  Equipment and the open space are designed as multiples of u so a 45U is 45 x 1.75 or 78.75”

2. What is EIA spacing?

    • This is the spacing of the holes on a panel mounting rail in a cabinet or rack.  Each “u” is divided into 5/8”, 5/8”, ½”, and the mounting holes on equipment that is to be installed in a rack, such as servers, will align with those dimensions.

3. How can I send you my enclosure design for quote

    • Bud accepts 3d models, cad drawings, or even sketches.  Just email them to our estimating department at lmiller@budind.com Typically we will send you an approval drawing prior to production to avoid any errors.

4. What is needed for digital printing and for us to develop a quotation?

    • Ideally, it is a 1:1 Vector file.  If you do not have the capability, any drawing will work and we can have it adjusted to meet the requirements.  We will, of course, verify any issues with you in advance.

5. What is the standard material used on aluminum chassis, panels, rack mounts, etc.?

    • 3003-H14 aluminum.  Most materials are specified on the individual product pages.  Also, they appear on the PDF and DFX drawings

6. Do you have 3d models available on your products?

    • Most products have 3d models available.  Just ask and we will send them out within a few minutes.  You can use our chat feature on our website to make your request as well as email and just contacting us via phone.

Again, this is just a sample of some of the questions we often receive.  Let us know what you want to be sure we include.