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Essential NEMA Rated Enclosures from Bud Industries

Published on: April 23, 2020 by Blair Haas

One of the few positives to come out of the Corona Virus shutdown from a business perspective is to remind us that our electronic enclosures, especially NEMA rated enclosures, are an essential part of the economy.  As you may know, we sell extensively through distribution.  We fortunately receive data from our distributors that provides information about the thousands of customers who buy and use Bud enclosures each month and we recently have focused on the NEMA rated enclosures because their applications are especially relevant during this time of Pandemic.

NEMA Rated Enclosures are used in Most Essential Industries
Bud NEMA rated Enclosures are needed to support most essential industries during the Pandemic

An obvious application is in the medical field.  As I wrote in a prior blog, some of our enclosures are used in creating ventilators that are so crucial at during this crisis.  The NEMA rated enclosure allows for the unit to be washed down or even hosed down with cleaning chemicals and still protect the sensitive electronics inside.  In security, our enclosure is used to protect both equipment and information that are used in sensitive police work, fire suppression, and even to secure locations.  In the past, one would never think of electronics as a part of agriculture but our NEMA rated enclosures are used for everything from housing sensors to determine moisture levels at various points on a field to tracking the health and productivity of chickens and cows, allowing farmers to efficiently provide food to those of us that are home quarantined.

We created this infographic to clearly portray the breadth of industries that we serve and this is only a sampling of some of the more prevalent vertical markets.  It is clear that during these challenging times, it is essential that we keep the services and safety of the people foremost and we are pleased that our NEMA rated enclosures help provide the backbone of this effort.  For more information, please give us a call, a chat, or an email.