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The Best Bud Product Video

Published on: July 2, 2020 by Blair Haas

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but a Bud product video is like a complete book.  To help our customers make the best product selections, Bud has developed nearly 50 videos that show many of the features of our best selling products as well as extra services that we perform to make the product immediately usable.  Some are much more traditional demonstrating the products and noting key features that customers may need to complete their product.  Many of these are produced with great production values and a well honed script so that they “get to the point” and don’t make the customer “enjoy” a lot of information that they don’t need. But my favorite are some of the earlier ones that were hand produced and narrated by me or Josiah, our president, and showed a bit more action.

The PTQ series is so durable that it can even survive a car driving over it

The first of these was for the NBF series of products.  While it starts off with a traditional Bud product video feature demonstration, we decided to show the product being sprayed down to prove its IP66 rating that protects the internal components from a heavy spray of water.  I am still a traditionalist and wear a jacket and tie to work each day (except during my current “work from home” status).  I took the box out to our shop floor where there was a wash off area and so the adventure begins.  Imagine the stares as the company CEO positions the box, picks up the hose and attempts to balance the camera at the same time.  Of course, I did not properly secure the box and in the first take it flew across the area when the spray hit it.  I also had splashed myself (fortunately, I am IP66 compatible but my clothes (and favorite tie) were not.  I finally got the shot and we were able to complete the shoot.

My very favorite was for the PTQ series, an IP67 NEMA 4x and NEMA 6 rated polycarbonate and fiberglass enclosure.  This Bud product video production discussion started out with the concept of doing something different.  If we thought that this box had the ultimate in impact resistance, how do we prove it?  As Josiah and I debated options with our ad agency contact, it hit me.  I said I bet we could drive a car over it and it would still survive.  I thought I could pawn it off on our ad guy but he said no way was he risking damaging his tire, so he offered to film it (alas, photography is not his skill set and he took the first take sideways).  Josiah also declined the honor, so it was up to me.  As you get about 25 seconds into the film, you will see my car approaching and then rolling over the box.  Again, we had a problem securing the box (the first time the tire “pushed” it along) but on the second take, it road over the box perfectly.  And, of course, the box was fine as well with only a few scratches where it had been in contact with the asphalt.

The next time you are looking to clarify your selection of the perfect Bud enclosure be sure to check out the complete Bud product video library on our channel at YouTube or use the links from the product pages on our website at www.budind.com.