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New IP68 NEMA 6P Plastic Boxes from Bud Industries

Published on: October 26, 2020 by Blair Haas

Those who do not use electronic enclosures must wonder how we can keep adding new products as we just did with the PU Series of IP68 NEMA 6P plastic enclosures.  The uninitiated must figure there are a lot of boxes covering similar sizes, so why add more?  This product provides the perfect explanation of why.  With a plethora of features and a mix of sizes the PU series meets the needs of designers of products with applications in diverse markets ranging from marine to agriculture, transportation to safety.

Bud's PU series

The PU series meets IP68 and NEMA 6P and is UV stabilized

First, they are made from durable, UV stabilized polycarbonate plastic which is UL94-V0 rated.  The continuous silicon gasket is preinstalled to insure the best possible seal.  It meets both IP66 and IP68 which means that the box will protect internal components from strong water sprays as well as allowing it to safely be submerged for extended amounts of time.  It also protects from dust and dirt as well as UV so it can be used everywhere from dirty factories to outdoors.  The PU series includes mounting bosses in the base so boards or other components can readily be mounted without having to drill holes and potentially compromise its IP/Nema ratings.  Optional aluminum mounting panels assist in component installation as well.  It comes with external mounting flanges to be readily attach to any surface without needing to drill extra holes.  Finally, it is available with either an opaque or transparent cover.

The PU series is stocked in 9 different sizes ranging from 2.63 x 2.63 x 1.63 to 10 x 7 x 4.06.  Each can be readily modified with holes, slots or other installation requirements under Bud’s industry leading 5 day modification program.  For more information on modifications, please check with your favorite Bud distributor or at 440-946-3200 or reach out via chat on our website