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Bud Introduces NEMA 6P IP68 plastic enclosures

Published on: January 29, 2021 by Blair Haas

The only product that could be better than Bud’s PN series NEMA4 /IP65 plastic boxes is our new PN-A series which is rated NEMA 6P and is are IP68 plastic boxes.  While the original series is able to withstand a strong water spray, the new series has been tested to withstand being submerged under more than a meter of water and for more than 30 minutes.  It also can withstand a strong water spray.  We are keeping the original series as well as the new so that any protected application can be economically accommodated.  The new series varies from the original mostly by the means of an improved silicon gasket although some sizes which have a longer side had to be remolded to allow for additional screws to secure the seal.

Molded from durable polycarbonate plastic that is rated UV94-HB, the boxes come in the same 15 original sizes and have either an opaque and clear lid.  Clear lids help improve the protection by avoiding the need to drill holes in the cover to allow for displays to be seen.  There are also optional external mounting brackets or some sizes come with molded in brackets.  The gasket easily drops into place but is shipped uninstalled to allow for easier modification or assembly.  The PNX series of internal panels will work with this series as well.

These products can be used in a variety of applications in industries ranging from agriculture to wi-fi, from factory automation to marine.  This series qualifies for Bud’s industry leading 5 day modification service.  We will cut holes, slots or other shapes to allow for convenient installation of components and complete the work in 5-6 days after drawing approval.  Check with your favorite Bud distributor for more details or to check stock and pricing.