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New AIO IP66 Enclosure Is An All-In-One Marvel

Published on: February 12, 2021 by Blair Haas

An IP66 Enclosure with clear door

Bud’s New AIO series is an IP66 enclosure with an easy to use snap closure clear door

The new Bud AIO series is an exciting IP66 enclosure that answers many concerns that our customers have expressed to us in recent years.  One of the challenges of a highly rated IP enclosure is that to use it, since you must find ways to add in holes or slots for input or output or holes for mounting internal components, all of this risks compromising the IP rating if special gaskets are not used in mounting those input/output/components within and to the box.  This is especially true with an IP 66 enclosure since it must withstand high pressure water sprays.  The AIO has several great solutions to ease these problems.

First, it has a front “dual door” that consists of a plastic mounting panel and a transparent door.  This means that the components with readouts can be mounted on the panel and easily visible behind the door eliminating the need for cutouts.  It is also easily accessed without the need for extra tools as the door simply but securely snaps closed.  With mounting bosses in the base, an additional structure preserving feature is the optional mounting plate used in the base for mounting components that you do not want or need to be visible.  This eliminates the need to drill holes in the box to mount them.  It also has optional external stainless steel or plastic mounting brackets to make the installation of the box on a wall or as a controller for other equipment, incredibly simple.

Currently available in two depths (6.30” and 7.48”) and a generous 13.78” length with a 9.84” depth, it is developed and configured to meet most IP66 enclosure needs in the Controls, IoT and security industries and so many more.  In stock today at your favorite Bud distributor, check out Bud’s website for more details as well as specific distribution price and availability.