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New Sizes of Bud’s Fiberglass IP67 rated boxes

Published on: March 9, 2021 by Blair Haas

Bud’s PTQ series is one of our fastest growing, providing a great price on a NEMA rated IP67 fiberglass box.  We often take a look at product families to see if we can develop ways to improve them but we were stumped on this series since it is such a great product.  We realized the only way to make it better is to offer more sizes so we have now added 15 new sizes to increase our offering to 30.  Most of the new sizes come with both clear and opaque lids, providing the ultimate in flexibility.

New PTQ series products

Bud has added 15 sizes to its popular PTQ Fiberglass IP67 NEMA 4x series


The PTQ innately has many sought after features.  First, is the material of 10% fiber filled polycarbonate.  It is among the most durable of materials combining the strength of fiberglass will the flexibility of polycarbonate.  This box is so durable that we did a video of a car driving over it with no cracking or crazing of the box (yes, it is my car).  It is one of our most highly viewed videos and while it would be rare that components need that level of protection, it is reassuring that a designer’s sensitive components and equipment will have so much security.  The material also provides full UV protection and is rated IK08, one of the highest ratings of impact protection.  Being an IP67 rated box means that it can withstand occasional submersion having been tested for up to 30 minutes under as deep as 1 meter of water.  Often it is suggested that the level of pressure on the gaskets that this submersion would supply is a good measure of its ability to withstand heavy water sprays as well.  We did not take that risk and also had it tested to meet NEMA 4x.  Of course, it also meets NEMA 6, the submersion rating.  Its continuous foam Raku-purr  foam gasket is a key factor in its ability to meet these rigorous standards.


There are many other features that make this box a standout.  These include stainless steel latches insuring that rust and corrosion will never be a problem.  The opaque bases are rated UL94-VO and the covers are rated UL94-5VA.  We do not offer a clear version of the cover in the largest two sizes but they are available upon request.  They have a service temperature of -40C to +95C.

While the new sizes do not expand the overall size range of the PTQ series, they do fill in several gaps.  This means that whatever size the designer needs from 3.54”  x 4.72” x 2.76” through 24.8” x 32.68” x 7.28” should be available.  Of course for most sizes, our 5 day modification program is available.  We will add holes, cutouts slots or other variations to the box for you and complete the work within 5-6 days of drawing approval.  There is also an optional panel available that can be mounted into the mounting bosses located in the base.  For more information, reach out to your local distributor or check for price and availability here, or call us at 440-946-3200.