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Celebrating Blair’s 50 Years of Leadership

Published on: June 17, 2022 by Josiah Haas

It seems today that people do not stay at companies as long as employees use to.  Per the 2020 US Bureau of Labor Statistics report, the median number of years that full time workers had been with their current employer was  only 4.1 yearsWhen coworkers hit 30 years with one company it is something to truly treasure as their tribal knowledge and experience can be difficult to replicate.  Bud Industries is lucky enough to have 7 individuals who are celebrating their 30th year at Bud Industries this year.  Congratulations to Don Jenkins, Kirby Cannon, Jim Graff, Mark Kovach, Cyndi Vines, Rick Hamblin, and Eric Williamson on hitting this specific milestone of working 30 years with Bud in 2022.  (Three of those seven individuals are multi-generational employees.)  Our company has 9 others with more than 40 years of service and 4 who are not previously listed that have worked for Bud for over 30 years.  These are truly amazing numbers and I consider myself very lucky to be surrounded by such experience.


But there is a milestone that is being celebrated this weekend that really is unthinkable.  This Sunday on June 19th, CEO Blair Haas celebrates his 50th year with Bud Industries.  (In all fairness, Blair’s time at Bud counts summers that he worked for Bud while going to college and getting his MBA as they were continuous years.  I am not complaining, but my five summers do not…) Over the past 50 years, Blair has been instrumental in the ongoing success of Bud Industries.  The leadership he has provided to our Company and our Board of Directors is unparalleled in the industry. He has helped lead and been active in multiple Industries Associations including EIA, ECIA, and EDIC.


He has been the steady guiding hand during multiple turbulent economic downturns and his vision to not only expand our domestic metal manufacturing capabilities but also also expanding our electronic enclosures to be molded from plastic and fiberglass continues to define our company.  His determination and vision to push our team to expedite our modifications and customization capabilities to include our 5-day modification program has been company altering for the better.  Blair has the unique vision to see an issue and work with our team to solve it.


During the past 50 years he has lead our company with determination, grit, and strength.  Blair has done this by fostering a family atmosphere in a business that has come a long way from a ham radio component company started by his Grandfather (and my Great-Grandfather) Max Haas, as Bud Radio in 1928.  Blair has partnered with our customers and distribution channel in various vertical markets allowing us to participate in some fascinating programs.


As Bud Industries, Inc. moves towards our 95th year in business in November of this year, our current employees and hundreds of former employees are truly grateful for all that Blair has done and continues to do for the business.


On a personal note, it has been an honor to work with Blair, my father, for the past 16 years at Bud Industries.  He has taught me a lot about being a strong and motivating leader while caring about all of his team at an individual level. I continually appreciate his thought process and ability to move discussions and projects forward.


Blair, Congratulations on 50 years at Bud Industries and thank you for your continued leadership and mentorship!

Josiah Haas