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Bud’s NBF NEMA 4x Plastic Enclosure Offers Many Advantages

Published on: March 24, 2021 by Blair Haas

Among Bud’s broad offerings  in the area of NEMA 4x plastic enclosure, the NBF series is one of our most popular and it’s easy to see why.  With its all plastic construction (including hinges and latches) and with three material options it provides great flexibility for any application.  The materials are

  1. ABS plastic – perfect for applications that don’t require full certification but still need protection
  2. ABS/Polycarbonate blend – for those indoor installations in a more hazardous environment such as a factory floor or hose down situation
  3. Polycarbonate/PBT blend – with uv stabilization it is ideal for outdoor uses.

They also meet IP66 so they can withstand heavy sprays of water.  With snap-open latches for quick access and optional clear lids, optional bottom panels and included wall mounting hardware, we know that customer applications are in almost every possible industry from security to UV air quality filtration, from transformers to wi-fi and so many more.



The design leads to an endless opportunity to incorporate this type of enclosure into very different final products. Whether it is the NEMA 4x plastic enclosure ratings, its durability or the ability to easily modify the box, at Bud, we are always impressed with our customer’s ingenuity in creating devices using this series.  Sometimes, they even send in photos and descriptions, so we thought it might help your creative juices if we share a few of these with you.



For a small box, it has a spacious interior

This Bud NBF series product is easy to use to mount electronic components

Edward J. Hubbell wrote: Nice box to enclose some DIN rail components. I used it to hold a stepper motor driver with an arduino and some stepper drivers. Plastic was flexible enough to drill with a sheet metal hole bit. I will buy again if needed.


Controlling an LED lighting system

A Bud NBF NEMA 4x Plastic Enclosure provides excellent protection for an LED lighting system

From a customer in Canada:  I was looking for a box to install my power supply, switches and indicators for LED lighting system. The dimensions of this case perfectly fulfill my needs. The plastic of the very good quality, it is hermetic and the latches of locks are very rigid. I can fit properly my power supply 12v 30 amp, a fan 80mm, 6 fuses box, distribution terminal block, 4 switches, an ammeter, a voltmeter, output 12v cigarette lighter, a charger 2 USB plug and all the wiring of nob system. I am very satisfied with this purchase.



This is the inside of the NBF used for a home automation computer

The Bud NBF NEMA 4x plastic enclosure makes mounting components quick and easy

Bud NEMA 4x Plastic Enclosure is great for home automation

The Bud NBF series provides the perfect protection for a home automation computer

From Michael:  A perfect enclosure for my wall mounted home automation computer. The first picture shows the interior. In the last pic, this enclosure is on the left and the more expensive outdoor model is on the right.



An Emergency shut-off box

A Bud NBF series easily mounts to a pillar for quick access as a shut off box

We use an NBF Box to house the emergency shutoff for our Powder Coating Line.  This NEMA 4x plastic enclosure was perfect for this application as it is easy to modify with the hole for the push-button and also to allow the components to stay dry and clean in an area with significant powder residue.


These are just of few of the application stories we have received.  We would love to hear from you on how you used the NBF NEMA 4x plastic enclosure series or any of the more than 3,000 Bud products.  Thank you all for sharing and don’t forget that Bud can do the modifications on these products quickly (in as little as 5 days).  Minimums do apply.  We are happy to answer any questions at our web chat function or by calling 440-946-3200 or emailing us at saleseast@budind.com or saleswest@budind.com.