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Bud’s NBF series of IP rated Plastic Enclosures Have Many Applications

Published on: October 8, 2021 by Blair Haas

One of the fun things I do is that I often check our customer reviews on various sites and I am usually very pleased with what I see.  I am especially fascinated by the diversity of applications that I find, especially on our IP rated plastic enclosure series, the NBF.  The NBF offers great options including versions that are targeted for indoor use, outdoor use and with an opaque or clear lid with all being rated at IP66 which is higher than IP65 (check my other blogs for explanations of the various IP ratings for electronic enclosures).  People enjoy sharing how they have used the product and I thought I would share some of these with you.

Bud’s NBF IP rated plastic enclosure was perfect for this sprinkler App

This shot shows how easy it was to install the electronics

The first application for our IP rated plastic enclosure was used as a sprinkler controller with WiFi controllers.  This user said that it was very simple to drill the holes he needed and was pleased that it came with the mounting flanges needed for attaching the entire project to the wall.  He stated that for the price he was expecting a lower quality item but was delighted with the high quality of our NBF.  The overall summary was that it was super inexpensive, great quality and exactly what was needed.

This application is used for controlling solar related equipment

The next application was to organize the solar-related wiring in an outdoor shed.  The user was really excited that all that he had to do was mount all of his components on a board (note that we offer optional panels for this purpose as well).  What made this really a bonus was that the included mounting brackets perfectly matched his peg board holes (a wonderful coincidence) so he did not even have to drill holes to do his mounting.

An NBF being used as a junction box

A different type of application comes from a homeowner who was looking to update their late 1800s home to 200A service.  Their old wiring was too short to reach where it was needed so he removed the old breaker and mounted one of our NBF enclosures near the space and then could plice the wire to the new breaker that was mounted on a panel in our enclosure.  He commented that our box made his transition easier, safer and clean.

A home outdoor application for controlling home automation

Here is a fun application that demonstrates not only the weather resistance of our NBF series IP rated plastic enclosure, but also that they are attractive enough to use anywhere.  As you can see, it is being used in a home automation application controlling his fountain and other automation applications.  The box blends well and yet provides easy access.

It is simple to organize all of your components in a single box

The last application is another sprinkler controller but somewhat different from the first.  This is housing all of the parts of the system in one simple, easy to use, enclosure.  The customer commented that the hinged lid made this simple to access and with its included mounting brackets, a breeze to tuck away out of sight.


These are just a few of the many home applications that we hear about for our NBF series.  I should mention that we have even more satisfied customers in the industrial, agriculture, telecommunications and security industries, just to name a few.  Check out our website for complete details of the NBFseries, our many different lines of IP rated plastic enclosures, and to check our distributor’s stock to quickly receive you Bud enclosure.