Bud modifies enclosures to your specs in only 5 days
Simple cutouts on most enclosures in stock
Fastest turnaround in the industry

Beauty Meets Brains

The EXN Series offers performance and beautiful looks, all at a value price.

  • Affordable extruded aluminum design
  • Colorful anodized finish and style
  • IP66 protection
  • Heat dissipation
  • Ease of assembly
  • 17 sizes, 5 colors, 170 variations

This hard-working work of art wins with flying colors!

View EXN Series Aluminum Enclosure

Digital Printing

Digital printing is quickly replacing silk screening and other methods of adding lettering or logos to an enclosure. That’s because of it’s significantly lower cost, speed of production, and durability;

  • Multiple colors with one pass
  • Clean crisp lines
  • Print high resolution photos
  • Print on any surface

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Bud Industries Hires English Damco as Sales Rep in Mountain States
July 21, 2022 by Josiah Haas
Bud Industries, Inc. is excited to announce the appointment of English Damco to represent our entire enclosure and accessory line in the Mountain States Region.  English Damco brings over 17 years of history providing top rated customer service to the territory.  Their synergistic line card and experienced team will allow us to expand our footprint in the Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Western Nebraska, and Southern Idaho markets. Lynn Viers, Bud Industries Regional Manager for the territory, stated, “We are excited about…
Celebrating Blair's 50 Years of Leadership
June 17, 2022 by Josiah Haas
It seems today that people do not stay at companies as long as employees use to.  Per the 2020 US Bureau of Labor Statistics report, the median number of years that full time workers had been with their current employer was  only 4.1 years.  When coworkers hit 30 years with one company it is something to truly treasure as their tribal knowledge and experience can be difficult to replicate.  Bud Industries is lucky enough to have 7 individuals who are…
Reflections on 50 years at Bud Industries
June 14, 2022 by Blair Haas
It is a stunning moment as I prepare to celebrate my 50th year with Bud Industries later this month.  (Full disclosure, the clock on this milestone started when I began to work at Bud during summers and vacations while I went to college and then got my MBA.)  From my first job supporting our director of engineering as he designed new electronic enclosures to today in my role of CEO, it has been an amazing journey so far and I…

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