IP65 Enclosures, IP66 Enclosures, IP67 Enclosures and Fiberglass Enclosures and Plastic NEMA Boxes

Bud's line of fiberglass enclosures and plastic NEMA boxes provide superior moisture protection for sensitive electronics.

All meet NEMA 4x and its rigorous heavy spray tests. Several of NEMA boxes have transparent designs that allow confirming NEMA protection at a glance. NEMA accessories box available include air and moisture vents, hinged panel bracket and locking hasp kits, and mounting hardware. There are several designs available including IP65, IP66 and IP67 enclosures. Browse these to find the right fiberglass enclosure.

The need for fiberglass enclosures is broad and growing as the pricing becomes more competitive. Learn more about how fiberglass enclosures provide better protection in vulnerable situations by reading "Fiberglass Electronic Enclosures Broaden their Appeal. All products rated from IP65 enclosures to IP67 enclosures."

BT Series (Blue Transparent) / PN Series (Flat Top Cover) / PNR Series (Recessed Top Cover) / NBA Series / NBB Series / NBC Series / NBD Series / NBE Series / NF Series / Sealed Dual Compartment Enclosure / PBB - Heavy Duty Plastic push button box / NEMA 4 X - PIP Series

fiberglass enclosure IP65 enclosures    NEW
BT Series Enclosure(Blue Transparent) PBB - Heavy Duty Plastic push button box
NEMA Boxes  - Heavy Duty Plastic NEMA Box IP67 enclosures   NEW
HD Series Enclosures NEMA 4 X - PIP Series
NEMA Boxes and Plastic Enclosures from Bud Industries NEMA Boxes  - NEMA 4 X - PNR Series

PN Series Enclosure (Flat Top Cover)

PNR Series Enclosure (Recessed Top Cover)

NEMA Boxes  - UL/NEMA/IEC NBA Series NEMA Boxes  - UL/NEMA/IEC NBB Series
NBA Series Enclosure NBB Series Enclosure
NEMA Boxes  - UL/NEMA/IEC NBC Series NEMA Boxes  - UL/NEMA/IEC NBD Series
NBC Series Enclosure NBD Series Enclosure
NEMA Boxes  - UL/NEMA/IEC NBE Series NEMA Boxes  - UL/NEMA/IEC NBF Series
NBE Series Enclosure NBF Series Enclosure
NEMA Boxes  - Fiberglass NEMA Box Sealed Dual-Compartment Enclosure
NF Series Enclosures Sealed Dual Compartment Enclosure


NEMA Box Accessories  - Air & Moisture Vents NEMA Box Accessories  - Air & Moisture Vents
Air & Moisture Vent - Style A Air & Moisture Vent - Style B
NEMA Box Accessories  - Air & Moisture Vents    NEW NEMA Box Accessories  - Internal Panels  NEW
Large Air & Moisture Vents Internal Panels - PIP series
NEMA Box Accessories  - Hinged Panel Bracket Kit NEMA Box Accessories  - Internal Panels
Hinged Panel Bracket Kit Internal Panel
NEMA Box Accessories  - Locking Hasp kit NEMA Box Accessories  - Wall Mounting Bracket Kit
Locking Hasp Kit Wall Mounting Bracket Kit
Mounting Screws