Bud Industries President Interviewed on Cleveland’s Revival

Many of you know that Bud Industries is based in the metropolitan Cleveland, Ohio area.  We have been here for all 87 year’s of our history and are proud to be a part of the growth in this region over the last few years.  Our President, Josiah Haas, was recently interviewed by the local Growth Association (Cleveland +) and published in their newsletter that is distributed internationally.  We are proud of his recognition and decided to share this with you

Northeast Ohio’s Revitalization: What Boomeranged Me from Chicago to Cleveland

By Josiah A. Haas

August 24, 2015

As President of Bud Industries, an enclosure manufacturer in Willoughby, I get the opportunity to talk to many other leaders in the manufacturing industry. In these conversations, one thing I keep hearing is that for first time in a full generation, many companies have reinvested Stateside and are updating their equipment with technology and robotics to stay competitive in their markets. These types of reinvestments are occurring all over Ohio, and Northeast Ohio is no exception.  It has been exciting to see this transformation taking place at our own company and with many of the business leaders I talk to on a frequent basis. .  What I see is Northeast Ohio’s revitalized commitment to manufacturing, which is helping to propel our entire region forward.

Recently, the Cleveland Plus team sent some questions about my boomerang back to Northeast Ohio. Read below to hear my revitalization story and why I chose to bring my wife and our two boys to Cleveland.

Tell us about your business and the primary industry in which you operate:  

Bud Industries is the best-known electronic enclosure manufacturer in the United States. We produce anything from small plastic boxes to large cabinet racks, including watertight boxes. While our enclosures primarily sell into the electronics industry, our customer base is diverse enough to be sold into virtually every vertical market. We can provide any electronic enclosure solution. From steel to aluminum, from plastic to fiberglass, the Bud line is the most extensive in the industry. Bud will also customize their products to allow for turn­key installation.”

We understand that you grew up in Cleveland. Can you tell us about that?  

“I grew up in Shaker Heights, a suburb outside of Cleveland.  Growing up in the 80s and 90s, Cleveland was thought of as ‘a struggling city.’ To me, Cleveland was always a great place to live and raise a family.  After graduating from Indiana University in Bloomington, I moved to Chicago and spent a few years working for a Fortune 500 company and improving my sales skills.  This was a great opportunity to live in a new city and ‘make it on my own,’ despite the desire to eventually join my family business.  My girlfriend at the time, Dana (who is now my wife of almost 9 years), grew up in New Orleans and moved to Chicago with me.  After 2 years of Chicago, Dana and I had a long talk about Cleveland and the benefits it could offer us.  She visited Cleveland a few times, including one fateful April snowstorm where we had over a foot of snow in one weekend.

I will tell you: the winters of Cleveland made me perform my best sales pitch, ever: to bring a southern girl to Cleveland.”

What finally brought you and Dana back to Cleveland?

“My wife and I were both in jobs that we were not thrilled with and a position in sales opened up at Bud Industries, making the timing to come back to Cleveland perfect for us.  Heading into our mid ­20s, we wanted more stability and to put down roots in a city.  I spent my summers working at Bud Industries through college and knew that was where I wanted to be.  Unlike Chicago, Cleveland offered affordable housing, great communities, and an ample amount of small businesses and nonprofits who were hiring.  We visited Cleveland a few months before moving back to look for a home to buy.  We ended up buying a great home for a young couple, in Shaker Heights.

I often joked with two college friends of mine who also purchased places to live right around that time.  One purchased a 1-­bedroom condo 10 miles north of downtown Chicago and one purchased a two-bedroom townhouse in Atlanta.  Both friends came in to visit me after we moved in and were shocked at the value you got for the cost.  Both spent a lot more than I did, for a lot less space.  

While I came back to work in a family business, there were also a lot of startups to choose from. On top of the lower cost of living, over the past few years, it seems like newer entrepreneurs are always creating companies in Northeast Ohio and looking for new talent.  To me, the value of working for a small business gives people the ability to work in multiple departments as opposed to only doing sales or only staring at numbers.  For me, it is neat to know I go to work each day and try something different or tackle a new challenge.  As Bud Industries has grown over the past few years, I have been able to partner with our management team to find ways to improve our company and reinvest in equipment to make us a viable manufacturer moving forward. It has been fun to review options and once the equipment is installed, see the benefits.”

You mentioned some of the things that Cleveland offers residents, can you expand on those?

“We moved back to Cleveland at a time when many of our current friends also became boomerang Clevelanders, moving back after spending their post college years in other large cities like New York, Washington DC, and Chicago.  What’s interesting is how many brought back significant others from other cities including Baltimore, Buffalo, Cherry Hill NJ, Columbus, Denver, Miami, and New York City.  Over the past few years as we have all had children, those who came from other cities have also gotten their parents to move to Cleveland.  Cleveland offers many great draws for potential residents, including more affordable major and minor league sports teams, world-class museums and theatre district, top-rated musicians, and neat neighborhoods to explore.  Cleveland was also recently rated as one of the United States’ best restaurant cities with new eateries always popping up.”

What is it like to raise a family in Cleveland?

“A major draw to Cleveland for parents is the community feel and great public and private schooling options.  Many of the suburbs offer great playgrounds, parks, pools, and activities to fill in the week.  My two boys’ (Asher and Levi) activities range from t­ball, to Gymboree, library programs, to mommy and me classes, and all are within a few miles of home.”

How would you characterize Northeast Ohio?

“Cleveland is heading in the right direction.  The newspapers and business journals are constantly touting new businesses growing in our area. Established and new businesses are also always setting standards for their industries.  From conversations I have had with other local business leaders, we are seeing a revival within multiple industries which gives our community a more diverse and stable base. The days of Cleveland being an ‘outdated city’ are a thing of the past.  My Grandfather, Phil, used to talk about how Cleveland was an important city in the business community and how thrilling it was to live in a city with that kind of excitement during his youth.  I believe Cleveland is on its path to seeing similar success once again.”

Josiah Haas is President of Bud Industries.  To find out more about Bud Industries and the products they offer, visit them online at www.budind.com. You can also follow them on Twitter: @Budbox.

Blog posted by Blair Haas, CEO, Bud Industries

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Discover the Breadth of Bud’s line with our Breadboards

As many of you may know, I joined this industry with a background in marketing rather than engineering. While I grew up enmeshed in the enclosure field (my Father and Grandfather were industry veterans), my initial tech knowledge was somewhat limited. I have learned a lot, perhaps through osmosis, with great exposure to many of the leading innovators through the years. Therefore, when we were first approached with the idea of adding breadboards to our line, I knew enough to be aware that gluten was not an issue, but honestly, little more, yet I was intrigued. It is an interesting concept for us to broaden our definition of an enclosure accessory and expand our role as a one stop shop for our customers

.bread board

Today, our breadboards are one of the fastest growing segments of our line. For those who don’t know, a breadboard is a terminal array board that does not require soldering.  That means it is perfect for prototyping projects and circuit designs as they are, in a way, plug and play. Rather than permanently soldering the components into place, they are plugged into the various holes and can be adjusted until the design is finalized. We currently offer two versions with more on the way. Our smaller one has 300 tie points and more than 100 power distribution points. The larger has 600 tie points and more than 150 distribution points. Best of all they are priced incredibly low and in stock at your favorite Bud distributor.  With a large part of our customer base being involved in R & D and product design, it just makes sense to provide this added offering.

For generations, Bud has been the leader in enclosures in North America.  Today, we continue to expand our reach globally and we are adding logical products that relate closely to the enclosure.  Check out our line of Bread boards and watch this space for many new versions by the end of the year.

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Discover Bud’s PN Series NEMA Enclosure and Elect it as your Favorite

Regardless of your politics, Cleveland, the home of Bud Industries, was proud to host the first Republican debate last week. It was a great chance for the city to show off its resurgence, impress the attendees with our outstanding restaurant and arts scene, and display the natural beauty of the city and its extensive lakefront. It was an exciting tryout for next summer when we host the Republican Convention. For many, it was their first exposure to this area and they discovered that Donald Trump was not the only exciting part about these debates.


To us, there is not debate that many of our customers have discovered that Bud is the resource for their NEMA enclosures. An example is our PN series, long the backbone of our NEMA product offering. These polycarbonate boxes provide the ultimate in protection (NEMA 4x, IP66) that allows for the product to be used in almost any environment and still be able to perform. We have deployed these units in climates as diverse as Alaska and the South Pole to the factory floor here in Cleveland. They are durable, simple to use and provide the type of flexibility that any customer requires. With internal mounting bosses, wall mount capabilities, and optional clear covers, the engineer has a plethora of applications that fit this box.


Most of all, don’t forget to let Bud quote your modifications. With our industry leading 5 day turnaround, no one provides you with exactly what you need like Bud does. Let us add your slots, holes, cut outs, and other mods to speed your assembly process. So, regardless of your politics, we can all agree that the PN series from Bud Industries deserves your vote as the best all-around NEMA enclosure.

PN clear lid - MB

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Tablet Enclosures or Touch Screen cabinets?

Tablet EnclosureIt is often the case in technology that innovations are often adapted for different applications than was originally anticipated. For example, when the first cell phones were invented, no one could foresee that smart phones would follow and when smart phones were first developed, no one anticipated results that varied from Uber to messaging. When twitter was developed, no one anticipated how it would be so crucial in world developments, often being the sole means of providing communications from war torn or troubled regions. While not on that scale, one of the interesting parts of having a standard product line is that the use that we often consider when we develop the enclosure may not be the use that is adopted over time.


When we first developed our tablet enclosure, we had assumed that people would use it with the various tablets that were on the market. We had also assumed that only a small number of customers would be interested in the then optional gaskets as most tablets cannot be used outdoors in a way that would require NEMA type protection. It turned out that we were wrong. The tablet enclosure quickly morphed into a very popular  LCD enclosure with the greatest applications being used for touch screens on a factory floor. We have seen them used for everything from controllers for machines, inspection, and testing. As a younger generation hits the manufacturing world, touch screens are their world and for all it is much more intuitive and accurate.


Bud can modify this enclosure to provide the cutouts that are needed for the displays or other controls to make the box a turnkey unit. We now offer a version with the gaskets included, making this the perfect enclosure for a broad range of applications. Let us know how you are using them!

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Bud’s Cabinet Racks Production Impresses

I recently returned from a trip to China to visit out factories there. One of the highlights was to see the improved production techniques at our cabinet rack facility near Shanghai. While in the US we often hear of poor working conditions at Chinese factories, I was impressed with what I saw. Lighting had been improved, ventilation was plentiful even on a hot, muggy day, and their work hours were now broken up during the day with a 1.5 hour lunch that allows the people to truly rest and get refreshed. This type of extended lunch period has become more typical in China as we saw it at many factories that we visited. We could see a much more content work force and improved productivity. There just was not the decline in productivity in the afternoon that is often evident in a manufacturing facility

BUD BRP Cabinet Rack The Bud BRP series has always been a great choice for any 19” cabinet rack mounting requirement. Not only is it solidly built with a 1200 lb. weight load capacity, but it comes with so many extra features and accessories to make the buying process simple. Included in the standard product is a metal front door, 1 or 2 shelves depending on the height, an installed fan tray, and casters and levelers. The stylish cabinet comes fully assembled and ready to go upon receipt. Best of all, it is priced below most competitive products which come without the included accessories. These racks are in stock today and available from your local Bud distributor.


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Discover the Quick Steps to 5 Day Delivery on Modified Enclosures from Bud

As your design work on your great new project is wrapping up, you realize that you need an enclosure. In the past, because time was tight, you would buy someone’s standard box and then send it out to either your local job shop or the shop in the back of your facility to have the required holes and slots put in for such things as connectors, power, readouts, or whatever is needed. You did this because getting a custom product out of a typical enclosure manufacturer was harder than getting a bill through Congress.

Today, you have a great alternative. We, at Bud, have pioneered a rapid turnaround on modifications to our broad line of standard enclosures. Here are the quick steps to making it happen:

  1. Use Bud’s product selector to choose the product that best matches your needs
  2. Check with Bud or your local distributor to be sure it is in stock.
  3. Send us a drawing or sketch of the required modifications to the box.  If you have a CAD or 3-d model, all the better, but we can design one just for you
  4. Bud will take your information and send you a quotation.
  5. When you place an order, we will rapidly create a detailed drawing for you to approve.
  6. Confirm the drawings and Bud will turn it around in 6 days for the first run, 5 days for repeats.  This is for holes, slots or other cut-outs in the enclosure
  7. Note that there is no premium charge for this service.  It is just Bud’s every day top service
  8. If you need additional modifications including silk screening, plating, special colors, or even special dimensions, just let us know, we can quote those too.


Just call your local Bud distributor or your Bud sales team at the factory for more information. Discover the Bud difference.

mod chassismod die castmod grabber

From Standard to Modified

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Bud’s Snap Box, the Easiest to Use Plastic Enclosure

For those of us who live in Cleveland, we have been living through many very late nights as the Cavs battle the Warriors for the NBA title. With the games starting shortly after 9 and often going into overtime, it has not been atypical for the game to end close to midnight. Whether it’s been a good game or a disappointing one, the adrenaline does not slow down until even later and we are all struggling to get moving in the morning.

In my last blog, I talked about how easy Bud makes it for the engineer or buyer with our fast modification service and increased level of accessories. For those of us (and given the national ratings, I think it is more than those in Cleveland and the Bay area) who are sleep deprived, Bud’s efforts are much appreciated. One more area of simplification is that we also offer products that are just plain multi-purposed and easy to use. This is the case with our new Snap Boxes. These simple plastic enclosures consist of a top and bottom that just snap together. There is no need for hardware (that could get lost) or special tools. They come with pop-out cable holes, so there is often no need for extra drilling. They securely snap together but if the top needs to be removed, it is easy to do so with the blade of a screwdriver, or even a car key. The mounting bosses are included to easily allow for the installation of boards and they have molded in mounting ears. With 12 sizes and two colors standard, the applications for these boxes is endless.


So as you work to recoup from those long nights, discover that Bud has products that make both the box selection and installation of your components basic enough that any of us can do them in our “near” sleep.

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Discover how Easy your Enclosure Acquisition is with Bud’s new Cable Glands

It is all about easy. Staples, the office supply store, has staked their brand on the concept of making life “easy” for their customers, creating their ubiquitous ads that feature an easy button. For anyone who is interested in their user’s well-being, developing solutions that make the acquisition process quicker and simpler is inevitably going to lead to greater customer satisfaction. At Bud, there are several steps that we have taken recently to let any customer push that “easy” button. With enclosures, that typically means making it simple to use the enclosure right out of the box.

  1. We offer the fastest modification services available.  We can modify a standard box in 6 days for the first run, 5 days for the succeeding runs.  There is no premium for this fast service and in most cases, we can even provide free design support.  Of course, most enclosures cannot be used without some modifications to allow for power ingress, readouts, data connections, and the like.  We can provide that service so we can help you eliminate the need to go to multiple sources to make the enclosure useable.
  2. We have expanded our accessories to include a very broad array of cable glands that are rated at IP 66.  Quite simply, there is no point to drill holes in your NEMA enclosure if you do not protect the openings properly.  Our broad array of cable glands provide the perfect solution.  With multiple sizes and styles that range from the traditional to flexible to even metal, we can save you the time and hassle of research and acquisition by being a single source vendor.IPG-G GROUP

There are many more ways that Bud can make your life easy. Discover the Bud that you did not know by checking out our website at www.budind.com.

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Bud’s Creative New Din Rail Enclosure Does it All

One of the great discoveries for mounting equipment, particularly in factory automation, is the din rail. This simple structure (see photo) allows for the power supplies, mini enclosures, terminal blocks, or their components to simply be snapped into place with no other tools required. This makes installation quick and easy, allowing for rapid adjustments as well. This has caused an entire new segment of the components industry and product offerings to arise which are those with the din rail clips either molded in place or already installed

.din railDMX series

One of Bud’s newest products is a din rail enclosure created from an aluminum extruded box. On the DMX series, the din rail clips are molded into the plastic panels that screw into the ends of the extruded aluminum. This box also comes with pre-formed EPDM gaskets that allow the box to meet IP66 requirements, perfect for any industrial automation application.  The unique shape of the extrusion and the built in slots allows for the mounting of two different sized pc boards (sold separately). Also available are IR or clear end panels which can be rapidly installed. These light weight but durable enclosures come in one height and width but in 6 different lengths and in either black or gray. To make the product uniquely your own, custom lengths are available as is Bud’s rapid modification program. Bud can insert holes, slots, or cutouts in your box in just 5-6 days, the fastest in the industry.

Check out the new DMX series today and discover that there is more to Bud than you ever knew.

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Bud Industries to Introduce Exciting New Fiberglass Enclosure at EDS

When the calendar turns to May, all eyes at Bud turn to the Electronic Distribution Show and conference in Las Vegas. We have participated in this show and its predecessors almost since its inception as the May Parts Show in Chicago. It has gone from a show where manufacturers of electronic components meet with their distributors to discuss inventory and work to build orders (after negotiated discounts) to one where mutual marketing and end customers are the focus as a mid-year check on sales and also a chance to promote the newest products. It is also a great place to take the pulse of the sales trends in the industry and to learn the newest concerns and opportunities. The show is packed with meetings as we at Bud meet with a different distributor every hour, sometimes two at a time in separate rooms.

This year, we are very excited about our broad new product offerings that are being introduced at the show. The leading product is a Fiberglass enclosure, the PTQ series. Available in 10 sizes and with either an opaque or clear cover, this IP67 NEMA 4 and 6 box is a great value in providing top protection in even the most challenging environments including periodic submersion. Best of all, the fiberglass content is only 10% which provides an ideal balance between tight tolerances and the flexibility of polycarbonate while maintaining a high quality finish.


The other new products range from development board accessories to extruded din rail mount boxes. Be sure to watch for the releases on all of the new products in the coming weeks…or in this column! And if you are going to be at EDS, we look forward to seeing you at some of the major all industry events.

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