BUD’s NEMA 4 Enclosures Keep You Connected

Installed under the seats at a stadium, these NEMA 4 Enclosures are the perfect way to protect the electronics

Installed under the seats at a stadium, these NEMA 4 Enclosures are the perfect way to protect the electronics

While all of us in Cleveland are caught up in Indians Fever, it is exciting for us to realize that one of our NEMA 4 enclosures makes the live experience at many stadiums so much better.  It was not too long ago that if you attended a large sporting event, you could forget using your cell phone as the nearby tower would be jammed and reception would be non-existent.  For all of us who go through withdrawal at the slightest hiccup in our service, attending a game of any sort became a nightmare.  It began to impact attendance but also impacted the efforts of the teams to increase their social media exposure.  How could fans tweet their photo to the kiss cam?

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How to Save Money on your IP Rated Enclosure

BUD's PTS series is a low cost IP67 enclosure

BUD’s PTS series is a low cost IP67 enclosure

With customers always pushing for cost reductions, saving money has become an overriding concern in all product specification.  In the selection of an IP rated enclosure to use on the factory floor, there are five issues to consider insuring that you choose the most effective, but economical solution for your application. 


Do you need your enclosure to be IP rated at all?  With factory floors increasingly clean, the need to protect sensitive equipment from dirt, dust, and liquids is significantly reduced.  By specifying a traditional enclosure instead of an IP rated enclosure, the savings can be as much as 50-75%.  Often, typical enclosure protection of sides, top and bottom enclosure can provide enough protection at a very inexpensive price.

Do you need to protect then entire enclosure, or only a sensitive component?  Size matters in protection.  The smaller the item that needs to be protected, the less labor and gasketing goes


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Plethora of NEMA Box Options with Bud


Bud has a complete line of NEMA IP boxes

For many customers, if they are thinking that they need a NEMA Box, or ip rated enclosure, the vendor choice can vary based on the materials.  Some vendors specialize in polycarbonate NEMA, some in steel, others in fiberglass.  This makes researching the best option for an application even more difficult as the engineer goes from site to site, orders sample after sample, and struggles through the hype to reach an answer.  At Bud, we make it easy for you.  As a vendor of all major types of NEMA boxes, we become the one-stop shop for all of the significant product types.


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Breadboards From Bud Industries?

Everyone knows that Bud is the industry’s favored supplier of electronic enclosures, but did you know that Bud is now a top supplier of  Breadboards as well?  Bud first approached this market with several enclosures for the raspberry pi development board a few years back.  Recognizing the breadth of customer base following their exponential sales growth, we decided to pursue this market with accessories to the board, heavily utilizing our plastic manufacturing capabilities. Continue reading

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Bud’s Modified and Custom Enclosures Applications Span all Industries

A PN series modified product

A PN series modified product

Bud Industries focus over the last few years has moved aggressively to providing modified and custom enclosures.  As I have written, Bud now provides and industry leading 5-6 day turnaround on most simple modifications to many of our standard products including the cutting and piercing of holes, slots and other types of openings.  We also perform many more operations including providing custom design services, special sizes, gaskets, colors, and packaging.  We are unique in that we work with our distribution partners, allowing the customer the best of all options, close customer service for their turn-key enclosures.

I was recently involved in a program with one of our distributors where I was reviewing some of the modified and custom enclosures that they sold to learn more about the applications. 


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Fiberglass Enclosures – Great Value and Great Strength

Bud's NF Series Value Priced FIberglass Enclosure

Bud’s NF Series Value Priced Fiberglass Enclosure

I am often asked questions about Bud’s Fiberglass enclosure line, the NF and NFL series as engineers try to understand the differences between various types of plastic enclosures as well as why one uses plastic instead of stainless or galvanized steel.  Choosing the best material for an application can be a challenging process, but selecting a fiberglass enclosure has many advantages.

  1. They are lightweight which, compared to steel, makes installation much simpler.  Our NF series box sized at 14 x 15 x 8 weighs only 6 pounds (excluding the internal steel panel) while a stainless steel box of the same is weights nearly 20 pounds.  Lifting them to install on the side of a wall or piece of equipment is a simple process compared to the manipulations required of a steel box
  2. They have great impact resistance.  Unlike steel, the box will be impervious to dents and other typical stresses that occurs either outdoors or in a factory environment.
  3. A fiberglass enclosure is much more consistent in size than a polycarbonate box.   The nature of the glass fibers significantly reduces any shrinkage in the molding and un-molding process.  This is important when mounting components into the box as it can be difficult to deal with draft angles and slight size variations and still maintain the proper location of the internal components.
  4. They are priced significantly lower than stainless steel, yet provide even better resistance to corrosion. They are perfect for applications that range from Aerospace to food, industrial controls to outdoor electrical.

Bud’s NF (seals with screws) and NFL (seals with latches) series also come with a stainless steel panel that allows the user to mount equipment without having to drill into the surface of the enclosure and therefore avoid the gasketing required to maintain the NEMA and IP ratings.  With ratings of NEMA 1, 2, 4, 4x, 12 and 13 and IP65, they provide great protection at a great price point.  Fiberglass


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An Electronic Enclosure Company Celebrates the Best of America

An Antenna Eliminator

Bud Industries First Product

As we celebrate the Fourth of July Holiday week, I am brought back to what this holiday means for Bud Industries.  As a country of immigrants that promises opportunity for all, I think of my Grandfather’s story which reflects the true spirit of America.  Born in Hungary in 1896, his family was fortunate to be allowed to come to the United States when he was about 8 years old.  Raised in Cleveland, he was bright and ambitious.  He had various jobs, including working as a traveling salesman for the company that would be part of RCA, covering multiple states in the days when travel was a challenge.

In 1928, he bought the rights to an antenna that eliminated the need to have a roof top antenna for a home radio and started our company, then known as Bud Radio.

The products then evolved into


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Cleveland Cavs bring Cleveland Pride

My marketing team tells me that all of my blogs should be about Electronic Enclosures but it is impossible to be sitting in suburban Cleveland Ohio and not write about the Cavs winning the NBA championship.  For those who have been living in a cave, this is the first professional sports championship for Cleveland in 52 years.  We have been close many times, but no one is talking about horseshoes.  The tough part about this is that the losses became embedded in the Cleveland psyche and became the perfect analogy for the decline in our manufacturing base, our shrinking city, and the definition of the rust belt.  People remembered our burning river, our default, the iconic lake effect snow, and of course


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Terms to Help in Selecting an Electronic Enclosure

19" cabinet rack from Bud

A Large Electronic Enclosure is typically selected based on Panel Space

Bud’s versatile BRP 19″ Cabinet Rack

It is often said that buying an electronic enclosure is technologically simple.  Just know your required dimensions and materials and your selection becomes only a matter of style.  However, for many, navigating the terms and abbreviations can make this a much more challenging process, so here is a guide to some of the more commonly used terms and a brief definition to help make you an electronic enclosure expert.

First, I will start with some general enclosure terms, then ratings and finally the rating agencies.

“U”.  A unit of measure that equals 1.75”.  It is normally


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Rating NEMA Boxes versus IP Boxes

NEMA Box that is also an IP Box

NEMA Box in the Bud PIP series

There is often confusion about the various rating systems for the protection of equipment within an enclosure.  We are often asked which system is best and how are they different?  If the customer is in the US, are they better off buying NEMA boxes or one with an IP rating, or does it even matter?  While there are no hard and fast answers to the question of which is best, we thought it might be helpful to provide a few details to help the customer navigate these systems.

IP, or ingress protection marking, is the International standard, typically used throughout the world and only recently gaining adherents in the US.  It is based on the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standard 60529.  NEMA ratings were established by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association and


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