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How to Interpret NEMA Ratings

Perhaps one of the most confusing standards for an engineer to follow is NEMA ratings as it relates to enclosures.  It would be natural to consider that the higher the NEMA rating, the greater the protection.  This is definitely not the case.  It is also typical that one might assume that having a NEMA rating of any sort implies a high level of protection.  This is also not the case.  NEMA ratings are set up in a way to address a variety of concerns:  safety from moving parts, protection from dripping water, dripping oils, sprayed liquids, UV, corrosion, ice, and many more.  NEMA 1 ratings, for example, simply suggest that the product protects against contact with moving internal parts.  The ratings becomes confusing when you consider that NEMA 4 protects your product from sprayed water, ideal for wash-down or weather intensive locations.  NEMA 12 only protects against dust, falling dirt and dripping liquids so would be more appropriate in an environment where there may be less significant environmental factors, such as a factory which may not be a clean room.  NEMA 3 is weather resistant, with NEMA 3r protecting against icing as well.  The point is that you want to be sure you are receiving the level of protection you need without overpaying for too much.  For a complete listing of all of the relevant NEMA ratings for enclosures, Bud has a great tool, the Design Tips Handbook which you can download for free at http://www.budind.com/request_designtips.php .  Good luck with your design!

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3 Tips for Making your Electronic Enclosure Buy Simpler for 2012

As the year winds down, I often review what I have done this year and ramp up my plans for next year.  If you do that, high on your list has to be ways to streamline the supply chain, or at least speed it up.   To assist you in the process, at least as it comes to enclosures, we have 3 tips on how to make your job easier.

First, take a few minutes while things are slower here at year end to download the free Bud Enclosure Design Tips guide  http://www.budind.com/request_designtips.php .  This provides easy to understand explanations of all of the issues you might run into in specifying an enclosure.  The guidance ranges from materials to choose to ratings to accessories.    It will be the perfect reference guide and rapidly turn you into an enclosure expert and again, it is free and available for quick downloading. Read More >>

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