90 Years of Bud Industries Enclosures

2018 represents a major milestone in the history of electronic enclosures, the 90th Anniversary of Bud Industries.  I have often written about our history in this blog so I won’t repeat it, but I do think there are several key points worth highlighting.  First, Bud’s current president, Josiah Haas, is the 4th generation of Haas’s to lead the company.  I recently read a study that showed that only 3% of companies survive to be led by the fourth generation, making this a feat that is almost as astounding as surviving for 90 years.

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Bud Industries NEMA Enclosure Videos are a Hit

Bud Industries has a broad range of NEMA 4x, IP65 plastiv enclosures

Bud Industries has an action packed video of the PN series NEMA 4x Enclosure undergoing water spray test.

Nowhere is a picture better at telling a story than in describing Bud’s IP and NEMA plastic Boxes.  Even better is a video and we have just updated our videos on the popular NBF and PN series boxes.  While in the prior version, we just described the product features, in this version, we show each box being hit with a powerful water spray.  While this is not an official UL test, it replicates a bit of the process that UL went through to certify these to the NEMA 4x standard.  It is also similar to the test that TUV performed to certify their IP66 and IP65 ratings respectively Read More >>

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Changing the “Modified Electronic Enclosure” Habit is Simple with Bud’s 5 Day Modification Program

In only 5-6 days, Bud can provide a basic complete modified electronic enclosure

Bud Industries provides the fastest modified Electronic Enclosure in the industry

“A habit is something that you do without thinking, which is why most of us have so many of them.”  Frank Clark is attributed with this quote and although we can all apply it readily to our personal lives, it also fits many peoples’ professional lives as well.  When it comes to buying and specifying electronic enclosures, most designers revert to their past practices which are often inefficient, expensive and untimely.  Quite often, they work for a company that has an internal machine shop and so they buy an off the shelf enclosure and then give it to their internal machine shop or the job shop around the corner so that they can have cutouts, slots or other variations installed.  This is an easy habit to develop and much too difficult to break. Read More >>

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The Best Electronic Enclosure Product Selector Just Got Even Better

The Bud Electronic Enclosure Product Specifier is the easiest and fastest selector in the industry

Bud’s Industry Leading Electronic Enclosure Product Specifier

How can the best Electronic Enclosure Website be made even better?  Simply by making it even easier to use and more user friendly.  One of the best features of the Bud Industries website is the “search by size” widget that quickly and easily allows the specifier to find the perfect electronic enclosure from our offering of thousands of standard products.  It has just been upgraded to eliminate the sometimes balky “choose by size” sliders and replace them with open slots to quickly fill in the requested dimensions Read More >>

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Bud’s Plastic NEMA Enclosures Provide the Best Protection at the Best Price

Bud's NBF series is a totally plastic NEMA/IP rated enclosure

Bud’s NBF Series is the perfect combination of total protection and low cost

Many consider the safest way to protect electronic components in a hazardous environment is to use a completely plastic NEMA enclosure.  This eliminates the possibility for rust even in such often overlooked area as the latches and hinges.  An entirely plastic enclosure provides the ultimate in low weight for the toughest durability.  Bud’s very popular NBF series is the ultimate combination of great protection (NEMA/IP) and a value price. Read More >>

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Bud’s Aluminum Relay Rack Balances Low Cost, High Strength, and Light Weight

Bud's ARR-1272-NF is the ultimate server rack

Bud’s Aluminum Relay rack combines light weight with strength

When it comes to 19” Equipment Racks, it is amazing how simple features can make such a difference.  This is the case with Bud Industries Aluminum Relay Racks.  19” racking was developed by the telephone industry in the 1920’s to provide standardization for equipment mounting and also to save space.  As rapidly as the electronics industry evolves, this standard has stood the test of time for nearly 100 years.  A relay rack is the common name for a 2 post rack that is the simplest way to mount servers, power supplies or other rack mount equipment.   The racks are built in multiples of 1.75” (or “u’s) with holes drill on the EIA standard of ¾”, ¾”, ½”.  This standardization allows for any manufacturer’s equipment to be easily installed. Read More >>

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Five Tips for Saving Money on your Harsh Environment Enclosure

This is the perfect Harsh Environment Enclosure for many applications

BUD’s PTS series is a low cost IP67 enclosure

Purchasing a harsh environment enclosure can be a tricky business. The components need to be protected but it is also important not to overkill the protection and waste costs. All too often, the enclosure is not considered until the last minute in any design, the focus going on the active components. This can lead to a quick decision that often negates many cost savings in other areas. Therefore, we have developed five ways to save money on your harsh environment enclosure purchase that will also allow you to be better prepared and best of all, save money. Read More >>

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Five Easy Steps in Selecting a Factory Automation Enclosure

Here is a new infographic from Bud Industries on the five easy steps to select a factory automation enclosure Bud has a very broad range of products that meet NEMA and IP standards in all materials ranging from steel to plastic to aluminum to fiberglass. Contact your local Bud distributor for more details as well as price and delivery.

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The Freedom of Bud Industries Modified Electronic Enclosures

NEMA/IP rated modified electronic enclosures are standard at Bud

While it may be a stretch to say that thinking about July 4th and our freedom reminds me of modified electronic enclosures, there can be a correlation.   While not diminishing the great benefits that we, as Americans, enjoy, nor the sacrifices that brought us those freedoms, it is also freeing for a buyer or engineer to be a part of Bud’s incredible program. While not saving lives, we do help save both time and efforts in speeding your product to the customer. Read More >>

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Bud Industries’ PTQ Series – A great value in the most durable NEMA rated Electronic Enclosure

A NEMA and IP rated enclosure that provides strong protection at a value price

The PTQ series of plastic IP and NEMA rated electronic enclosure is one of Bud’s newest and most durable product lines.  In fact, if you check out the video, you can even see how it holds up when a car drives over it.  While that is not something that we recommend in daily use, the thinking is that if it can withstand that external pressure and weight, then it should provide superior protection for any electronic components.  The secret to its strength is a unique blend of polycarbonate and glass fibers.  With 10% fiber resin, it has the benefit of the flexibility and strength of polycarbonate with the added strength of the glass fibers.   If there is much more than 10% fiber, then the enclosure is more susceptible to cracking or shattering if hit.  They are UL508 NEMA 4x, and what makes these even more impressive is that they are rated at IP67 which means they can even be submerged for short amounts of time making them ideal for almost any application whether inside or out. Read More >>

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